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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Zane by Kat Baxter

Title: Zane
Series: The Bad Boys of Saddle Creek #1
Author: Kat Baxter
Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 18, 2023
I am a walking nerdy girl cliche. Smart? Check! On the spectrum? Check! Awkward? Check! Virgin? Check! The only nerdy-girl box I don’t check is “friendless.” That’s because I have the coolest best friend ever—Zane. Everyone in town thinks Zane is just a hot, bad boy inkslinger, but I know better. With me, he’s kind, sensitive and thoughtful. I know he doesn’t see me as anything more than a friend, but when I decide it’s time to lose my virginity so I can finally date and find love, he’s the only man I can imagine asking for help.
Emmy thinks we’re just friends, but I know better. I’ve been in love with her for damn near half my life. Until now, I could be satisfied being just her best friend. But now that I know she’s ready for a physical relationship with a man, all bets are off. She wants help losing her virginity so she‘ll be comfortable dating some super geek she works with? Fine. I will take her V-card, but I plan on ruining her for other men.
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars
Zane is a quick, no-drama romance between a quirky, curvy heroine and her tattoo-artist best friend, who has been in love with her for years. At only 11 chapters, I read this book in a little under an hour, and it was the right amount of sweet and sexy.

I thought the character of Zane was a little underdeveloped and not as well-rounded as Emmie’s. But oh, I loved how patient, sweet, and kind he was with Emmaline. Emmie is on the autism spectrum, and I thought that Kat Baxter did a great job of incorporating those quirks into the character development and the romance that unfolded between the two.

This book is from a “bad boys” series, but I didn’t really think Zane is a “bad boy” aside from his physical appearance of tattoos and piercings. He was actually a pretty great, nice, sweet, guy, who is utterly devoted to Emmie.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Releasing March 7
USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Baxter writes fast-paced, sweet & STEAMY romantic comedies. Readers have dubbed her books “laugh-out-loud funny,” “hot enough to melt your kindle,” and “The Queen of Adorkable.” She lives in Texas with her family and a menagerie of animals. Kat is the pseudonym for a bestselling historical romance author.
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