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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Something Like Hate, by Harloe Rae


Release date: June 10th

Genre/Tropes: Enemies-to-lovers/Billionaire Romance/Office Romance

A sizzling all-new enemies-to-lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Harloe Rae where a billionaire CEO battles against a snarky redhead who has her own agenda.

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A sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Harloe Rae where a billionaire CEO battles against a snarky redhead who has her own agenda.

“I’d say it’s nice to meet you, but I’ve never been a good liar.”

That’s his initial offense against me.

Don’t worry—there’s plenty more where that came from.

Landon Winters is colder than his last name suggests.

Cruel and callous too.

I’m certain he finds pleasure in making others miserable.

He’s a billionaire by his own making—not satisfied with simply inheriting a white collar and silver spoon.

Landon’s arrogance is so thick I could choke on the stench alone.

He’s also responsible for gouging a jaded chip into my shoulder.

The only saving grace is never having to see him again.

Wishful thinking is a fickle beast.

My boss just announced that Landon is my latest client.

I’ll need to impress him or kiss my promotion goodbye.

Either way, this is my chance to get even.

Revenge is all I see.

The price for redemption is steep.

Landon will pay a small fortune in humiliation.

And I’ll walk away filthy rich in vindication.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3.5 Stars

If you like enemies-to-lovers workplace romances, then Something Like Hate will be right up your alley. A year after Landon brushes Vannah off at her cousin’s wedding — she not knowing that he is a megamillionaire — he turns out to be the new high-profile client she’s assigned to work with as his realtor. The snark flows instantly, as these two can barely stand the sight of one another. The sexual chemistry is flowing as well. Landon suggests a no-strings fling, while Vannah wants revenge for being turned down a year ago and hopes to make Landon fall for her then dump him. Of course, things don’t quite go that way…

So… I liked this story, but didn’t LOVE this story. I felt like some key piece of Landon’s history was missing that made him such an alphahole. Yes, his father was mean, blah, blah, blah. I wanted MORE of that. I felt like that was glossed over in an attempt to make Landon a cold-hearted billionaire ala Christian Grey. We got Vannah’s backstory and a reconciliation with her dad (who she didn’t think was proud of her success), and I wanted the same kind of insight for Landon’s character. And I didn’t really feel it when he suddenly flipped the switch and realized he was head over heels for Vannah. It came out of nowhere and I wanted more of that revelation. I felt like I missed a chunk of the story where that happened.

Overall, this book is a steamy, sexy, enemies-to-lovers workplace romance. I enjoyed it, but didn’t fall head over heels in love with Landon and Savannah.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

About the Author:

Harloe Rae is a USA Today & Amazon Top 10 best-selling author. Her passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is an unforgettable adventure.

She’s a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. There’s nothing quite like an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and son. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her horses.

Harloe’s books include the Reclusive series,

Watch Me Follow, the #BitterSweetHeat series, Ask Me Why, the Silo Springs series, Left for Wild, Leave Him Loved, and Something Like Hate. These titles are available on Amazon.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Something About You, by J. Nathan

Something About You by J. Nathan is now live!

I’m what you call a god, a superstar, a winner.
Being a professional snowboarder is my purpose in life.
I know exactly how to get what I want and
I’m good at most everything I do.
I’m only at Cranmore University to appease my parents.
But, if I want to graduate, I need to pass physics.
And, since failing is not an option,
Blackmailing a nerd who hates me is my last resort.

I’m what some call a geek, a nerd, a loser.
And I don’t care.
I know who I am.
I know where I come from.
And, I know exactly where I’m going.
That’s why I’m at Cranmore University.
To get my degree and begin my life
Only, that plan gets quickly derailed
Thanks to an unbecoming video
A blackmailing snowboarder
And his ex who’s hell bent on making my life miserable.

They say everyone comes into your life for a reason.
What happens when that person is the opposite of what you want…
But exactly what you need?

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

I binged Something About You on a rainy Friday night while my family watched a Marvel movie. This book was a charming opposites-attract college romance between an athlete failing physics, the nerd he blackmails into tutoring him, and them both learning along the way that what you don’t think you want sometimes turns out to be exactly what you need.

Kason and Shay definitely get off on the wrong foot, and every run-in after that is filled with tension. When Shay gets drunk at a party at Kason’s house and falls asleep in his room, he gets the perfect opportunity to blackmail her into tutoring him. Shay is book smart, but she’s also sassy, fierce, tells it like it is and does not placate Kason. At all. He’s so used to people fawning all over him and falling at his feet — and Shay does not. She intrigues him, and he begins to realize that he feels like the most authentic version of himself when he’s around her.

Poor Shay has had such a difficult life, but she is resilient and determined not to let her past define her future. She is reluctant to trust that Kason genuinely likes her at first — they are opposites in every way, and the nerdy girl never gets the star athlete. And despite Kason’s selfishness and the lies he tells her in the beginning, Shay begins to depend on him in ways she never imagined she could. The love that Kason shows her makes Shay feel wanted for the first time in her life, and he shows a vulnerability around Shay that made me fall fast for this cocky hero.

There are a million reasons why Shay and Kason shouldn’t work as a couple. But they just do, and their story was so charming! I also loved the hints at whatever is happening between Kason’s sister Giselle and best friend Thayer! I’m definitely interested in getting their story!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet J. Nathan

J. Nathan is the author of new adult, sports, and rock star romances with cocky heroes and sassy heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s a crazy soccer and baseball mom as well as a total romance junkie! She loves watermelon margaritas, guys in backward hats, country music, and the summertime.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Reel, by Kennedy Ryan

“Emotional, layered, sexy, and deeply satisfying, with stunning prose and a sweeping storyline, REEL is everything that has Kennedy Ryan fans devouring her books.”
— Lexi Ryan, New York Times bestselling author

Reel, an all new epic CONTEMPORARY STANDALONE love story from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Kennedy Ryan, is available now!

One moment in the spotlight.

For months I stood by, an understudy waiting in the wings, preparing for my time to shine.
I never imagined he would watch in the audience that night.
Canon Holt.
Famous film director.
Fascinating. Talented. Fine.
Before I could catch my breath, everything changed.
I went from backstage Broadway to center stage Hollywood.
From being unknown, to my name, Neevah Saint, on everyone’s lips.
Canon casts me in a star-studded Harlem Renaissance biopic, catapulting me into another stratosphere.

But stars shine brightest in the dead of night.
Forbidden attraction, scandal and circumstances beyond my control jeopardize my dream.
Could this one shot—the role of a lifetime, the love of a lifetime—cost me everything?

Grab your copy today!
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“Bravo . . .A true literary audio experience!”
— Alexandria House, Amazon & Audible bestselling author

Narrated by Eboni Flowers and Jakobi Diem
Featuring Nicole Small
Vocal Performance by April Christina

➜ Audible:


“Turn around.”

It’s a guttural command.
 He bends me over the arm of the couch, and my hands hit the cushion for support, to steady myself. At the sound of the condom tearing, my inner muscles contract, bracing for him. He spreads my cheeks and, slipping his whole hand between my legs, cups the trembling flesh. I’m unprepared for the swipe of his tongue. For the subtle abrasion of his beard scraping the inner skin of my thighs. For the sound of him eating me. I push back against his face, helpless, no shame. Digging my nails into the cushions, I widen my legs to give me more, to take more for myself. He grips my thighs, holding me steady for his devouring mouth until, with a sob that sails over the rooftop, over the city, I contract around his delving tongue. The orgasm hits hard, tightening the muscles in my thighs and calves. With staccato breaths, I bury my face in the couch, biting my lip to the point of pain.

“Canon,” I beg. “Stop teasing me and—”

He shoves in, and the words tumble back down my throat, recessing into the shock of this pleasure.

“Jesus.” Need shreds my voice to ribbons. 

He coasts his hand up my back, gently cuffs my neck. Ass in the air, I rise up on my toes, begging for breath, petitioning for more dick. He gives it to me, pushing impossibly deeper.

“So damn good,” he grunts behind me.

I hope I never get over how perfect he feels inside me, like I was molded to his specifications. Shaped for his dimensions. I moan and reach my hand back to pull at one of my cheeks, widening the way for his cock. It feels like he goes where no dick has gone before, deeper, better. Somehow I feel each thrust in my heart. His every touch plays on my emotions, and tears sting my eyes. His hand tightens at my hip, and he slides the other hand up my arm, finds my hand on the couch and laces our fingers together. He sets a frenetic pace that sends the blood singing through my body again. The cushion absorbs my scream as I come, and I punish the soft cotton with clawing nails. With his voice strangled, his fingers fisted in my hair, he comes. 

Collapsing against my back, a heavy, happy burden, his breath stilted and warm at my neck, he snakes one muscled arm around my middle, clutching me. After the urgent, feral coupling, it’s a cherishing hold. I cross my arm over his at my waist and tangle our fingers. It’s fragile and sweet, this moment, like flakes of sugar disintegrating on your tongue when you’ve barely had time to taste.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Reel is so much more than an emotional, forbidden romance between a rising young star and a hot Hollywood director. The journey of Naveeh and Canon’s relationship certainly takes center stage in Reel, but there’s also a beautiful secondary story within the story, that of jazz singer Dessi Blue, the subject of the biopic Naveeh and Canon are making.

It’s a slow-burn romance between Naveeh and Canon, as they develop a professional relationship first, then a true friendship, before anything turns romantic. As they work on the biopic, they grow closer, and despite the insane pull he feels toward Naveeh, Canon is determined to not cross the line, due to a past relationship gone bad with another actress. But somewhere along the line, Canon decides that Naveeh is worth breaking his rules for. But will the risk be too much for either of them to bear?

This book covers a lot of ground. In addition to shining the spotlight on black performers from the 1930s, there are socially-relevant situations that Naveeh faces as an actress involved with the director. Plus, she has an autoimmune disease that affects her skin, and in addition to the emotional weight that carries on her, there’s a health crisis that affects her quite physically during the filming of the movie — and that moment packs quite a punch as far as her friendship with Canon is concerned.

Reel is a beautifully crafted and well-written story with a fantastic plotline, remarkable characters, and an epic love that will captivate you from the start. A great start to a new series!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

About Kennedy Ryan

A USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Kennedy Ryan and her writings have been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, Cosmo, TIME, O Mag and many others. A RITA® Award winner, Kennedy writes empowered women from all walks of life and centers those who have found themselves perennially on the margins of traditional storytelling.

Her Hoops Series (Long Shot, Block Shot and Hook Shot) and All the King’s Men Series (The Kingmaker, The Rebel King and Queen Move) have been optioned for television.

An autism mom, Kennedy co-founded LIFT 4 Autism, an annual charitable initiative, and has appeared on Headline News, Montel Williams, NPR and other media outlets as an advocate for autism families. She is a wife to her lifetime lover and mother to an extraordinary son.

Connect with Kennedy

Text KennedyRyan to 797979 for release alerts!
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: The Perfect Catch, by Meghan Quinn

The Perfect Catch by Meghan Quinn 

Release Date: June 10th

Genre: Sports Romance

Get your copy here–>

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FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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“Kiss me. Just this once . . . please Walker.”

Those whispered words were my undoing . . .

As the most hated player in baseball, I had two options: either clean up my image or pack my bags. Being traded wasn’t an option which only meant one thing, I had to become compliant.

That’s how I found myself sharing a small bistro table with Kate Chapman, the Chicago Bobbies newest PR Manager. Devastatingly beautiful, vastly intelligent, and incredibly cunning, she knows exactly how to handle my grumpy demeanor.

It was supposed to be simple. Book some PR events, show up, smile for the camera, and be done. But one massive mistake on my end sends me into the trenches with Kate, forcing me to open up to her.

Innocent glances turn into cordial encounters.
Secret touches turn into tempting invitations.
And dangerous nights alone turn into consuming desperation.

I’ve never wanted a woman as much as I want her. And I know she wants me, but there’s a no fraternizing with the players rule. Neither of us can afford to lose our jobs, but we also can’t seem to keep our hands off each other either.


I slip on my clothes, going for a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved Henley. I push the sleeves up, still heated from the shower. I leave my hat in my locker, opting for a quick swab of styling pomade through my hair. I couldn’t care less what I look like, but Coach always likes us to be somewhat presentable after a game in case we run into any press.

Hungry and ready for my bed, I head out of the locker room and am making my way toward the players’ exit when a throat clears behind me. I glance over my shoulder to find Kate Chapman standing against the wall, her purse draped over her shoulder and a beautiful smile gracing her delicately freckled face.

She quickly gives me a once-over and says, “It was the socks.”

I can’t help it, I let out a low chuckle while slowly shaking my head and turning toward her. Hands in my pockets, I say, “It wasn’t the socks.”

Her mouth drops open in disbelief as she approaches me. “It was so the socks.” She points her finger at me.

“Don’t even deny it.”

“It was all my practice.”

“Yeah, practice with me. Just admit it, Rockwell, you had fun last night, the socks were a good luck charm, and you played your ass off tonight.”

I don’t believe in superstitions, which is unheard of when it comes to a baseball player, but I’ve never geared my play around being a habitual player, either. Instead, I do what feels right. So, believing in socks having a special power and helping me gather some hits tonight—nah, not real. But I will say this—having my socks up reminded me why I was behind that plate. It reminded me of being small again and taking joy in the little things.

Was it the socks? Maybe.

Was it the thought of the girl standing in front of me?

Maybe a little more.

“It wasn’t the socks.”

Her head falls back as she groans. “You’re so stubborn.” She makes eye contact with me again. “Do you realize that?”

“Yeah.” I rock on my heels, trying not to stare at her too much.
Just picture me pitching to you.

When I said that would be too distracting, I meant it. With her softly curled hair and her gorgeous smile that doesn’t seem to ever falter—unless I’m a total dick and walk out on her—she’s caught my eye.

She’s starting to imprint herself on my brain.

She’s starting to make me feel shit I shouldn’t be feeling.

“Well, I’m—”

“What are you doing right now?” I ask out of the blue, surprising myself, and her.

“Uh, I was going to give you a hard time and then go home?” she says with a hint of question at the end.

I nod at her. “Hungry?”

She eyes me suspiciously. “Starving.”

“Want to get some food?”

She chews on her bottom lip, thinking about her answer, and I know it’s not in a joking around way, but more so she’s afraid. Afraid of me, possibly. Afraid for her job, most likely.

So, I add, “You know, to discuss business.”

It’s against team policy to fraternize with the players. I know that, she knows that, but, for the life of me, after seeing that infectious joy on her face, I had to ask her. I had to try to spend more time with her.

“Well, if it’s business . . .” She smiles brightly and then nods behind her. “Follow me.”

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Drop. The. Towel!

It’s taken me a few days to put together my thoughts about Walker and Kate because HOLY SMOKES were they slow-burn perfection! Underneath that gruff exterior, Walker is just a big old softy. But it took Kate pushing through those barriers and the facade he puts up to see it. Everyone seems to think that Walker has a bad attitude — and he does, to an extent — but he also has such a sweet side, a gentle soul, and is so giving and thoughtful!

Walker and Kate are perfectly perfect together — but thanks to the no-fraternizing policy that the Bobbies strictly enforce, one amazing day together is all that this couple will ever have. Or is it?

Meghan Quinn penned a delectable forbidden romance with The Perfect Catch. I loved everything about Walker and his past and his dedication to his sister and the feelings of guilt that he’s been carrying around for years. The professional rivalry between Walker and Penn runs SO DEEP — back to when they were playing little league. And when the twist came about regarding Penn I was FLOORED!
(Please give us a story for Penn, Meghan!)

The Perfect Catch is a perfect addition to Meghan Quinn’s baseball series and the towel brigade. Walker’s story was a long time coming but so worth the wait!!! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Book Review

Sunny Shelly’s Review: Friends With Benedicts, by Staci Hart

Friends With Benedicts, a brand new, heart felt rom-com from Staci Hart, is finally LIVE!! Who’s reading? Grab your copy today from your favorite online book retailer!

Amazon | AppleBooks | Kobo | B&N

Timing is everything.

Presley Hale and Sebastian Vargas are no strangers to goodbye. Their high school summers were spent wrapped up in each other until she would inevitably go home to California. One season after college, Sebastian finally escaped the little Texas town to travel the world, and they said goodbye for what they thought might be the last time.

Sebastian went one way. Presley went the other.

For the first time in five years, they’re both in town, but the timing is no better than ever. So the only thing to do is what they do best. Keep it casual.

Friends with benefits.

They’ve done it before—doing it again will be easy.

But their hearts don’t get the memo.

When the lines of their arrangement blur, Presley and Sebastian are faced with decisions they’ve avoided for years. And that’s not even their biggest problem.

A small town in danger of failing.

A secret that could tear them apart.

And two hearts that can’t hide anymore.

They’ve shared so many summers, but none compare to what they’ll face.

Timing is everything.

And their time is almost up.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Timing is everything. And unfortunately for Presley and Sebastian, theirs never matched up. They have had summer flings on and off since they were teenagers, and while they were always “the one that got away” for each other, they’ve never been in the same city long enough to actually make a relationship work. Especially since Sebastian works for the Peace Corps and goes off the grid for long periods of time.

This is why it’s been nearly five years since their last fling and Presley returns to town with a 5-year-old daughter He never wanted kids because of family medical history, so there are a few obstacles for them to get over at first, but Sebastian steps up in every way when it comes to his responsibilities. And even when they start seeing each other again, there is always that elephant in the room between them: She’s only in town for a few months, and he’s taking off for another tour with the Peace Corps soon. What is it going to take for them to commit for real this time around?

We met Presley and her adorable daughter Priscilla in Bet The Farm — she’s Olivia’s friend. But it’s not necessary to have read BTF to enjoy FWB. There is a conversation between Olivia and Presley that sparks her thoughts to return to California when things with Sebastian fall apart, and it was a nice nod as a longtime reader to have that connection.

There’s a nice development to Pres and Sebastian’s story arc. Friends With Benedicts is full of swoony moments and small-town goodness. The bonus epilogue is EPIC and ties this story up in a nice little bow of happiness, so don’t miss it! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life — a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can’t forget that. She’s also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She’s been a wife, though she’s certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She’s also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she’s been drinking whiskey. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Finding You, by Lena Hendrix

I never thought I’d find her.

Finding You, an all-new second chance romance from debut author Lena Hendrix is available now!!

After eight years in the Marines, I’m still looking for the mysterious woman I’ve obsessed over since her first letter. When she shows up in my small town, I’m thrilled.

But when she turns out to be my brother’s best friend–and the girl he’s always loved–I’m caught between the two people who matter to me the most.

I’m a Marine, which means honor and duty run deep. Joanna is off-limits. That would be a whole lot easier if she hadn’t already agreed to help run my brother’s fishing guide business for the summer, forcing me to work side-by-side with the woman I’ve fantasized about for years.

I try to keep her at a distance, push her away, man up. But she draws me in without even trying, and I can’t get enough of how she makes me feel. I’m stealing moments with her, and I know it’s wrong. She may not be my brother’s girlfriend, but I know a landmine when I see one.

How can a good man choose his heart over his honor?

Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Finding You is a fantastic debut novel from Lena Hendrix! I loved everything about Jo and Lincoln’s story! It is well-told, paced wonderfully, the characters are easy to relate to, nothing about their romance felt forced, and the supporting characters were well thought-out and contributed nicely to the story (versus just being props as extra characters). I felt every bit of lust and sexual tension between Jo and Lincoln, and totally bought why he felt she was so off-limits as someone his brother was interested in.

The use of the letters Jo wrote to Lincoln when he was deployed was a fantastic tool in setting up the connection between these characters years before the actually met. He’d been searching for her in every face he looked at, and she was looking for someone to see her for the wonderful woman that she is.

Give this new author a chance. You won’t be disappointed! I hope there is much more to come from Lena Hendrix!! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.


The moment she walked in, I felt it. Static electricity crackled in the air. My head whipped up to see her pushing the entrance to the door open, scanning for an empty table.

Maybe she won’t see me. Make an excuse to Colin and just leave. You can’t trust yourself around her.

The way her hair billowed from the breeze outside as the door closed had my pulse galloping. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her.

There was a decent crowd to eat and enjoy the band, but not a few steps into the bar, she saw me. Joanna stopped abruptly. Something flickered over her face, and she looked down, but then suddenly back up and stared directly at me.

With purposeful strides, she walked straight to my small table. Fuck.

“Fancy meeting you here.”

Ignore the tightness in your chest. Breathe. “That’s small-town life for you. Not a lot of options on a weeknight.” I couldn’t seem to look at her.

“Apparently.” At that, she smiled. “I was just popping in to get a bite. Can you keep me company?” she asked, already pulling the chair from under the table.

I just looked at the chair, and she paused. Don’t be a dick.

Of course. I already ate but you can have the table.” I shifted to stand.

“Please, don’t go because of me,” she said, looking down. “If I make you that uncomfortable, I can eat somewhere else.”

I recovered from the citrus scent of her hair long enough to realize how much of an asshole I was still being. Clearly, she was trying to make things less awkward and I wasn’t letting her.

“No,” I said, sighing. “Of course not. It’s fine.”

Joanna sat, looking around and tapping her finger on the scarred wood top of the table. The corner section was tight, forcing us to sit side by side, knees nearly touching. I stared at the beer between my hands and focused on breathing rather than how soft her hair looked as pieces of it fell from her bun.

As the silence stretched, she added, “I’m sorry if I made things uncomfortable on the trip.”

“Oh.” I turned to finally look at her. Her eyes were cast down, picking at an imaginary something on the wood. “No, it’s fine. It was . . .” I didn’t know how to do this.

“Well, I thought about it and I think we should just let this be . . .” she waved a hand in the air, “whatever it was. Friends?” She reached out her hand to me.

I looked down at her slim hand. It looked so small compared to mine, and I couldn’t help but remember how it felt when it had run up the muscles of my back as I drove into her.

Focus. Breathe.

Pushing the thought from my mind, I slid my hand into hers, and she pumped it once and nodded her head.

“Friends,” she confirmed.

About Lena
Lena Hendrix is the author of steamy, contemporary romance novels. Her love of romance started with her grandmother’s Harlequin paperbacks and now Lena’s stories are full of heart, humor, and plenty of strong Alphas with marshmallow insides-she likes her coffee hot and her heroes hotter!

Lena lives in the midwest with her husband, three children, and two derpy Australian Cattle Dogs. When she’s not writing or devouring new novels, you can find her hiking, camping, fishing, and sipping a spicy margarita!

Connect with Lena

Book Review

Sunny Shelly’s Review: Living At 40, by L.B. Dunbar

Lakeside Cottage series

An all-new contemporary romance from L.B. Dunbar centered around lifelong friendships, a lake house, and second chances at love over 40.

RELEASE DATE: June 3, 2021.



Amazon US:

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Amazon CA:


Is it an accidental pregnancy, if it’s purposefully planned?

Autumn Kulis wants a baby. It’s that simple and that complicated because one thing stands in her way – she doesn’t have a man in her life. And at almost forty, she isn’t getting any younger. On a two-week trip to her brother’s lakeside cottage, a plan forms. Make a list of three men. Sleep with each of them. Allow nature to take its course. Only, a certain someone gets in her way.

Logan Anders goes with the flow of life. Divorced, single dad, he works hard, and occasionally plays harder. When his college roommate invites him to Lakeside Cottage for two weeks, he hadn’t remembered his best friend’s little sister being so hot. Nor was he a fan of her plan to find a baby daddy. He’s determined to make her list then tear it to shreds leaving him the only man horizontal with her.

When we were forty, we had so much life to live, and a simple proposition could be the start of a second chance at really living.


*Brother’s best friend

*Childhood crush revealed. . . and acted upon.

*Purposeful pregnancy plan

*Four lifelong friends and shenanigans



It’s The Big Chill of 2021, including a reunion of friends gone awry when someone wants to get pregnant and someone else wants to be the one to give her everything.

Welcome to Lakeside Cottage, a new adventure in over 40 romance and second chances at love by L.B. Dunbar.

#LBDunbar #smalltownromance #summerromance #beachromance #secondchanceromance #plannedpregnancy #childhoodcrushes #singledad #friendshipsaga



She’s always had a crush on her brother’s best friend.

He’s ready to let her act upon it.

Living at 40 by L.B. Dunbar is now available! Grab it today at Amazon!

Amazon US:

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Amazon CA:



Autumn Kulis wants a baby. It’s that simple and that complicated, because one thing stands in her way – she doesn’t have a man in her life. And at almost forty, she isn’t getting any younger. On a two-week trip to her brother’s lakeside cottage, a plan forms. Make a list of three men. Sleep with each of them. Allow nature to take its course. Only, a certain someone gets in her way.

**LIVING AT 40**

An all-new contemporary romance from L.B. Dunbar centered around lifelong friendships, a lake house, and second chances at love over 40.

Get it on Amazon:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Living At 40 was a charming series starter from LB Dunbar. 35-year-old Autumn wants a baby. During a 2-week vacation at her brother’s lake cottage with his best friends from college, Logan offers to be her babydaddy. It’s not quite that simple, since Autumn had a crush on Logan when she was a teen and he pushed her away, rejecting her and breaking her heart. Logan has no recollection of the events, but as the overweight guy in the group, he used humor as a crutch. So Autumn has been carrying around some hurt feelings for years and Logan had no clue what he did wrong.

While vacationing, they unpack their baggage and agree to a short-term fling to get Autumn pregnant, with no obligation on Logan’s part. Things get complicated, of course, when feelings get involved. After a messy blow-out, Logan realizes that he’s started living again thanks to Autumn. But is it too late for him to get back what he threw away?

I really enjoyed this series, which will focus on Logan and his friends as they navigate life in their 40s. There is so much more to this book than just Logan and Autumn’s romance, and I cried for Ben and Anna (her brother and sister-in-law). I can’t wait to see what comes next!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Our Kind of Love, by Kait Nolan

 Release Date: June 4

One of Nashville’s fastest rising stars, Kyle Keenan has it all—fame, fans, and a chance at fortune. But the dream he’s busted his tail for means nothing without the woman who holds his heart. With her sassy smile and pull-no-punches attitude, Abbey is his greatest love—and his greatest regret. When he’s confronted in a live TV interview about alleged involvement with a country music starlet, Kyle blurts out he’s already engaged…to Abbey.
Abbey Whittaker has come a long way from the starry-eyed six-year-old who made a marriage pact with her best friend. With a thriving business, a loving family, and a tight-knit group of friends, she’s put away childish things. She long ago banished Kyle from her life, so the last thing she expects is him walking through her door or the blistering kiss that follows.
Kyle is desperate to convince Abbey that a fake engagement is the best way to get the media off her back—and his. And it just might give him a chance to fix what he destroyed. Even as these two frenemies remember all the reasons they wanted to be lovers, another blast from Kyle’s past returns, threatening to expose the secret he’s spent his entire career hiding.
When truths come to light, will love conquer all or will Kyle lose everything?

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Once upon a time, Kyle and Abbey were best friends from the time they were kids. That turned into something more as they grew up — but then he broke her heart, left her behind, and she has always been his biggest regret. Even as he climbed higher and higher up the charts as a country music superstar, Abbey was always the one who got away. After he’s put on the spot during a big interview and lies that he’s engaged to Abbey, Kyle heads back home for the first time in a decade to do some damage control. But will Abbey be able to forgive him for what happened in the past?

Kyle does his best to convince Abbey to really give him another shot as he helps her out at home with her ailing grandpa. There are some really sweet moments between Kyle and Granddaddy, and there is a nice use of Abbey and Kyle’s history in telling their story. But the headway Kyle makes with Abbey is put to the test when a secret from his past catches up with his present and threatens to destroy their future.

Our Kind of Love was an entertaining, captivating story. I liked the chemistry between Kyle and Abbey, and how deep their friendship runs. In addition to a charming story of forgiveness and second chances is the reality of how Alzheimer’s can affect a family, and I thought that Kait Nolan wrote both scenarios well.

Kait Nolan is a new-to-me author, so I wasn’t aware that this book is a spin-off of a previous series featuring some of the other characters in Kyle’s family. So there is a lot more to read about in this world! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Kait Nolan

Kait Nolan is a RITA® Award-winning Mississippi author who calls everyone sugar, honey, or darlin’, and can wield a ‘Bless your heart’ like a Snuggie or a saber, depending on requirements. 

She believes in love, laughter, and that tacos are the world’s most perfect food. 


When she’s not writing, reading, working the evil day job, or wrangling family (both the two-legged and the four-), you can find her obsessively watching The Great British Bake Off.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: A Gorgeous Villain, by Saffron A. Kent

Title: A Gorgeous Villain
A St. Mary’s Rebel’s Romance
Author: Saffron A. Kent
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: June 3, 2021
Two years ago, Reed Jackson betrayed Calliope Thorne and broke her heart. So she stole his most prized possession – a white mustang – and drove it into the lake for revenge.
Now, Callie is stuck at a reform school while Reed is off at college, living his life without repercussions.
Until he comes back.
With him comes back all the feelings that Callie has been trying to bury: anger and heartbreak.
But most of all, desire. At the sight of his beautiful but lying lips and his gunmetal gray eyes that still taunt and smolder when he looks at her.
Whatever though. It’s not as if Callie is ever going to fall for her ex-boyfriend again. Or let him corner her in a bar one night and touch her, kiss her…
Neither is she going to kiss him back. Or worse, sleep with him.
Because that would make her naïve and foolish.
Oh, and also pregnant.
And there’s no way Callie is ever going to get pregnant at eighteen and with Reed’s baby, no less. The guy she hates.
The guy who taught her all about heartbreak. Who might look like a gorgeous hero but really is the villain of her story.
Note: This is a STANDALONE novel set in the world of St. Mary’s. There is no cheating in this book.


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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

The good girl, the bad boy, an epic second-chance forbidden romance.

Two years after Reed broke Callie’s heart, he is back in her life and turns it upside down. She hates him for what he did to her, but her heart still beats for him. Cries for him. But loving Reed is forbidden — he’s her brother’s sworn enemy and Callie’s brothers are way overbearing.

I love the dichotomy between sweet, good girl Callie, and surly, bad boy Reed. I really hated Reed at times, but then we got to see how broken he is. There’s a reason why he just spews hate all around and doesn’t think he’s worthy of being loved or being able to give love in return. But there’s something about his fairy girl that breaks through those walls, and Callie brings out the very best in Reed. It’s a long and winding path to Reed’s redemption, but he really goes all in once he gives in to the pull Callie has on him!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Saffron A. Kent is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and New Adult romance.
She has an MFA in Creative Writing and she lives in New York City with her nerdy and supportive husband, along with a million and one books.
She also blogs. Her musings related to life, writing, books and everything in between can be found in her JOURNAL on her website (
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Music Lovers Series by Julie Capulet

Music City Lovers Series
Author: Julie Capulet
Genre: Steamy Rockstar Romance
It’s the hottest summer on record …
Travis Tucker is the ultra-hot lead singer of a country-rock band whose four albums have all hit number one. Life as a superstar is good. The only problem is, he gets swarmed wherever he goes. So he decides to buy himself a secret country getaway to work on his next record and clear his head.
Ruby Hayes is on a mission. Nothing can stop her from fulfilling her dream of making it as a singer and songwriter. She’ll spend the summer writing songs on the grand piano in the abandoned farmhouse next door. Then she’s on her way to Nashville.
When Travis finds Ruby, singing like an angel at his piano, she ignites a wild obsession and an all-consuming lust that will make this summer the hottest on record.
But will Ruby’s ambition, a jealous best friend and the demands of Travis’s high-profile life come between them? Or is this a match made in country music heaven?
Nashville Days is a super-sexy standalone romance starring a hot alpha rock star and the sweet, sassy songbird who steals his heart.
$2.99 for a limited time!
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He’s crazy for her …
Vaughn Tucker is the hot playboy drummer of the Tucker Brothers band, whose four albums have all hit number one. Vaughn is drop-dead gorgeous … and completely out of control.
Gigi Hayes’s life is a million miles from packed stadiums and high-profile tour schedules. She’s a small-town girl who spends all her time working in the library and studying to become a qualified social worker. For … reasons.
When Vaughn meets Gigi, for the first time in his life, he’s the one who’s star-struck. But Gigi is saving herself for true love. And even though she’s drawn, against her will, to the beautiful, trouble-written-all-over-him superstar, she’s not deluded enough to believe he’s capable of such a thing.
Vaughn has already fallen hard. And Gigi’s refusals only make him crazier. She’s an angel and he may as well be the devil himself. But when heaven meets hell, all bets are off …
Nashville Nights is a sexy standalone rockstar romance starring an out-of-control alpha musician and the one woman who’s everything he never knew he needed.
$2.99 for a limited time!
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Nashville Days

I read Nashville Nights (book 2) first, and then went back to read Nashville Days, and I am so glad that I read Travis and Ruby’s story. Their relationship is mentioned a few times in Nashville Nights, so I’m happy that I finally got to get their backstory.

This book is a sweet, slow burn between a hot country star, and the sassy girl-next-door who captures his heart immediately. Ruby has no idea what she’s in for when she gets involved with Travis. She’s led such a sheltered life, having been away at boarding school for several years. Travis leads a lifestyle that she just can’t fathom, and suddenly she’s thrown into the spotlight when he buys the property next door to her family’s farm.

I really liked this story — but I felt that Travis and Ruby were lacking that *oomph* as individual characters and as a couple. I would have liked to have seen a bit more depth to their relationship, and since this was an instalove story, I felt like their love was kinda rushed. Still, I enjoyed this book, I just didn’t like it as much as I liked Nashville Nights.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: Nashville Nights

Nashville Nights takes the quintessential bad boy rocker, addicted to sex, drugs and alcohol, and makes the stereotypical good girl next door be the one who brings him to his knees, the woman he wants to be a better man for.

I confess that I skimmed a lot of the beginning of Vaughn and Gigi’s story at first, because it seemed like another instalove bad boy/good girl tale. But once Vaughn’s addiction really became an integral part of the story, I was hooked. He isn’t just partying because he likes to party. The guy is carrying around so much psychological baggage, and immense guilt. While he drinks to forget his demons, Gigi wants to be a social worker to put her own ghosts to rest. She couldn’t save her dad, but she knows there is someone out there she IS meant to save. She never expected it to be the tattooed rockstar who moved in next door.

While I found Vaughn and Gigi’s relationship to be a tad codependent, they did balance each other out and bring out the best in one another. She quiets his demons and grounds him, much in the way that helping him work through his addiction gives her purpose. However, I did feel let down that his intervention happened off the page after all of his spiraling and the talk of how bad his behavior had been in the past, and didn’t like how his treatment was handled.

This is book 2 in an interconnected series, and I did not read the first but had no problem following along. I plan to go back and reread Nashville Days because I am intrigued by Travis and Ruby’s story!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Releasing November 9
Julie Capulet writes contemporary romance starring sexy, obsessed alphas and the sweet & sassy women who bring them to their knees. Her stories are inspired by true love and she’s married to her own real life hero. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking on the beach, drinking wine and watching rom-coms ♥