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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Dear Heart, I Hate You by Eliah Greenwood

Release Date: February 11
It all started with an ad.
“House sitter needed for the summer, room and board provided.”
Guess I missed the part about the cocky basketball player sleeping down the hall…
Finn Richards is hot, cruel, broken beyond repair. Oh, and did I mention hell-bent on making me quit?
Whatever. It’s not like his charms work on me. I’m immune to his deep hazel eyes, and I’m not even a little bit curious about what happened that night…
It’s just two months.
I can definitely go two months without ripping his head off.
Only problem is,
I’m not sure the same goes for his clothes.
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars
I wish I knew that Dear Heart, I Hate You was the first book in a duet because I was not expecting it to just end as it did! Wow! Full of angst. Tortured hero. Forced proximity. I need more!

Bully romances can be a tricky thing if the hero is not redeemable — and Eliah Greenwood did a great job in showing Finn’s vulnerable side and making him a guy worth rooting for in the end. When he confessed to Dia why he doesn’t like her kindness and light and innocence, my heart softened toward him. And then when he finally has his emotional breakdown after keeping all those feelings and grief inside for so many years… I cried. I admit it.

There is so much more left to explore for this couple. What do Dia’s adoptive parents not want her to know? And what Dia sees at the very end of the book — obviously it happened, but when? I don’t think it took place when she’s led to believe it took place, and I can’t wait to find out why someone is manipulating her like that, and who it is.

This book is part of the Easton High series, and takes place partially during the same timeline as Dear Love, I Hate You (Xander and Aveena’s story). There are overlapping scenes and references, but DH is a standalone that spans two and a half months, whereas DL spanned into X and Vee at college.

May can’t come soon enough, because I need to know what happens next for Dia and Finn! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Eliah Greenwood

Eliah Greenwood is a Canadian author, proud Wattpad Star, Fiction Awards 2018 Winner, coffee addict and cliché with a twist lover!

She started her writing journey on a website called Wattpad at the age of fifteen. She wrote the majority of her first book Unwritten Rules on the bus on her way home from school. When her debut gathered 31,000,000 reads on the platform, she decided to self-publish the trilogy that set so many hearts, including hers, on fire. 


When she’s not writing and screaming at her computer screen, you can find her binge watching her favourite TV shows on repeat or reading in a warm blanket. 


She is currently working on her fifth book. It is expected to come out in 2021.


Connect with Eliah Greenwood
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