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Sunny Shelly’s Review: The Secrets to Heartbreak by Brittany Taylor

Release Date: April 22


Secrets aren’t meant to be kept forever.
Colton Adler was one hundred percent off limits up until the night we shared together nearly two years ago. Both of us forged a deal between illicit touches and unrelenting kisses.
A secret.
A promise. 
A vow made to one another that we would never be anything more than the one night.
Regardless of the feelings I still harbored for him, I understood Colton could never truly be mine.
Since then, we’ve kept our secret buried deep, pretending as if it never happened at all.
But now, after attending my brother’s wedding, Colton was a flashing wave of hot and cold. One minute he was teetering on the edge of giving in to false promises of a forever with me; the next he retreated, reminding me once again that I would never truly be his.
Secrets aren’t meant to be kept forever and it didn’t take long for me to learn I wasn’t Colton’s only one.
*This is Book Two in the Heartbreak Series. It is recommended you read The Rules of Heartbreak, Book One first.*

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars
I love a good secret-crush book, and Colton and Vada’s story did not disappoint. I really loved the emotional angst of Sloan and Dallas’ story and was wondering how Colt and V would compare. It was totally different and didn’t hit me in the gut the same way, but just as good.

Colton has lived his life to meet other people’s expectations. There has always been an attraction between him and Vada, but he’s kept her at a distance. Two years ago, they had a one-night-stand when they were both grieving their friend’s death, and neither one of them ever really got over the other. But Colton doesn’t see himself as relationship material and kept coming up with excuses as to why he couldn’t give Vada anything more than friendship.

Vada and Colton agreed to keep their one-night stand a secret from their other friends, and doing so just made the tension between them more intense. And just when they go public with their feelings for one another, yet another shocking secret threatens to rip them apart. I LOVED that twist in this book because I thought the story was going one way, and then it went in a completely opposite direction and I loved the angst that it added to Colton and Vada’s relationship.

This book was the perfect blend of sweet and steamy, with lots of maturing on the part of our hero. It took a while for Vada and Colton to work things out, but it ended wonderfully with an emotional HEA.

The Secrets To Heartbreak is the second book in Brittany Taylor’s Heartbreak series and it is a standalone, but there is an ongoing story that started with The Rules of Heartbreak. It was great to catch up with Dallas and Sloan and see them move forward with their life together. I was very intrigued by that snippet at the end of Cassidy and Levi’s book!

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Brittany Taylor


Brittany Taylor grew up all over the world including places such as California, England and Texas. Today she resides in Connecticut with her husband, son and two cats. She loves reading, but loves writing even more. 

Her favorite things in life are her family, binge watching Netflix, and tacos. 


Brittany Taylor has been obsessed with reading since kindergarten. She followed her lifelong dream in 2017 when she published her first novel, Without You. Ever since, she’s been hooked and can’t write the stories in her head fast enough


Connect with Brittany Taylor

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads | Instagram | BookBub | TikTok

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Tents & Tights by Molly O’Hare

Release Date: April 19

From USA Today bestselling author of Learning Curves comes a best friends to lovers, opposites attract romantic comedy with a curvy, hates the outdoors, boutique owner and an annoyingly attractive, loves the outdoors guy who would rather be in nature than anywhere else. It’s a fine line between friendship and love, right?
Being fed up with never finding clothes in her size or worse, being sent to the maternity section, finally, Eve decided enough was enough and started her plus size boutique. Somewhere along the line, though, her shop led Eve to a friendship with the well-known owner of the famous outdoor adventure store in town. They were complete opposites in every way, but it worked. And even though she’d hate to admit it, he was by far the best friend she’d ever had.
Austin didn’t quite know how it happened. Four years ago, he walked into Own Your Curves to inquire about making plus size outdoor clothes for his shop. And the next thing Austin knew, he was best friends with the feisty, always kept him on his toes, pain in his backside woman. So when she asked for his guidance on expanding her shop, how could he tell her no? There was only one problem, as Austin helped Eve with the expansion, he couldn’t stop his imagination from running wild. Now, if he could just convince her to see it too…
Friendship could definitely end up being more, right?
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars
Austin and Eve’s story is a breath of fresh air. I found these characters wonderfully relatable and thoroughly enjoyed this best friends romance. (Even if it is in third person dual POV, which is just a pet peeve of mine).

I loved how confident Eve was. And Austin was just a sweetheart. Their banter was refreshing and I really felt the connection between these two as friends who become more.

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Molly O’Hare

Molly O’Hare is a USA Today Bestselling author of plus size romance books.  

She grew up with severe dyslexia and neurodivergence, trust her, spelling is not her strong suit. Over the years, she’s become a huge advocate of “just because you learn something a little differently than others does not make you less in any way.” She also advocates for body positivity in all shapes and sizes. And, to say Molly is obsessed with all things animals is probably an understatement. 


When she was younger, she had a wicked case of insomnia most nights, and to help herself fall asleep, she would create stories in her head, always picking up where she left off the night before. Then, one morning she figured if she got endless enjoyment out of her imagination, others might as well. And thus started her career as an author. 


And as she always likes to say, never forget how absolutely unique and beautiful you are. 

The world is better because you are here. 

 To learn more about Molly O’Hare and her books, visit here
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Second Shot With #76 by Piper Rayne

Second Shot with #76 by Piper Rayne is now live!

My mom always said you don’t get a second shot at making a first impression. I’ve remembered that my entire career. Especially since I’m one of the few black men who play professional hockey.

I’m calculated and respectful in the way I speak to my coaches, the owners, and the media. I’ve never taken a risk… until her.

I could blame it on the fact that for once I pushed away the pressure of my career for the ocean waves, the sand, and good times with my new teammates. But those are excuses because the minute I saw her at the airport, something lit up inside me and the best week of my life was spent with her in my bed.

After our week in paradise, we said goodbye, exchanged phone numbers and both assumed that unless one of us was flying through the other’s city on the opposite side of the country, our vacation fling was over.

Then one night after practice I see her. She’s here. In my city. Telling me she moved here for a job. If that’s not fate tell me what is.

I’ve never wanted a second shot more than I do this time, but she’s determined to leave what we were on the island we left behind.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3.5 Stars

I really liked where Ande and Cory ended up in the end of Second Shot with #76, but I didn’t love some of the things that happened along the way.

A few months after they had a steamy week-long vacation affair (Tropical Hat Trick), Cory and Ande run into each other in the grocery store when she’s relocated and now lives in the same city where he’s playing for the Floriday Fury. He tried to reach out to her a few times after their trip because she meant so much more to him than a vacation fling, but she just sees herself as another notch on his bedpost and doesn’t want to be played by the player. Now that they are in the same city, Cory is determined to win Ande over and prove that his playboy past is in the past… but she’s still not sure if she should trust him.

I struggled with this story, especially after loving Warner and Imogen so, so much. I felt that Cory and Ande didn’t have the fiery chemistry that I was anticipating they would have. There’s a plot twist to this story that then is a jumping point for Ande to do certain things and behave a certain way when I think she really should have thought better because Cory didn’t deserve what she was doing to him. For me, that plot twist and Ande’s behavior afterward kind of left a sour taste in my mouth, and I struggled to really invest myself in Ande as a heroine after that. It opened the door to unnecessary drama and angst, and I think I would have shipped this couple more had there been a different plot device causing the drama between them.

Bring on Kane and Jana, please! I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.


Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write “heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle” about families, whether that be blood or found. They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they’re married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they’re both chauffeurs to their kids. Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too!

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Only One Forever by Natasha Madison

Release Date: April 12

From Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author Natasha Madison comes a brand new stand-alone sports romance. The eighth installment of the Only One Series. A spin-off from the Something So Series and This is Series



My dreams came true when I was adopted at ten.

I was the best on the ice. Living the life of what every kid dreams of.

We’ve been best friends since then. Even when she was the annoying little sister following us around.

I would do anything for her.

It is another family vacation; except this time it feels different. Everything feels different.


All my memories have Dylan in them. From the first time I fell off my bike, to the time I got my heartbroken for the first time.

He’s always been my protector, but it’s time to let the dream of being his go.

One last family trip, one last goodbye.

Except fate steps in and has other plans.

At the end of the day, you only get one forever.

Grab Your Copy Here:
Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars
Only One Forever wraps up the Only One series by Natasha Madison with a heartfelt, emotional, secret-love story between best friends Alex and Dylan.

Since Dylan was adopted by Alex’s uncle, these two grew up side by side as cousins. They are the best of friends, each other’s person, know everything that makes the other tick — and are hopelessly in love. But since they were raised as cousins, there is a forbidden factor to pursuing a relationship that has both of them holding back from letting the other know how they really feel. But a family vacation to Hawaii changes everything between them.

I really loved how this story played out. I thought NM did a great job of telling how conflicted both of these characters were. Alex is desperately trying to put distance between herself and Dylan, feeling that she can never act on her feelings for him. And once Dylan realizes that he’s been in love with Alex all along, he’s tormented by what to do about his feelings. Go along for the ride as these two wonderful characters realize that their love is worth fighting for.

For readers who have followed NB’s This Is and Something So series, this story is a next-generation spinoff and includes many of the characters from those series, as well as Alex and Dylan’s family members featured in the other Only One books.

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Natasha Madison

When her nose isn’t buried in a book, or her fingers flying across a keyboard writing, she’s in the kitchen creating gourmet meals. You can find her, in four inch heels no less, in the car chauffeuring kids, or possibly with her husband scheduling his business trips. It’s a good thing her characters do what she says, because even her Labrador doesn’t listen to her…

Connect with Natasha Madison

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Something Like Love, by Claudia Burgoa

Release Date: April 12

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa pens a fun and sexy romantic comedy where playing pretend turns to playing for keeps…

We have to pretend that what we have is something like love…

I’m down on my luck.

Scratch that. This is the worst week of my life.

Enter the last person I want to deal with: Burke St. James.

He’s wealthy.

He’s a womanizer.

And a big liar.

And it turns out we need each other.

Burke needs a fiancée to seal the deal of a lifetime. I need help or my business is going belly-up. So, Burke very non-romantically asks me to marry him. Well, he asks me to be fake engaged to him, anyway.

I’ll attend a few dinners, pretend I’m in love, and meet the family.

In exchange, he’ll invest in my company and help me launch it off the ground.

All is easy, except his kisses feel more real than they should.

And the sex…damn, we’re not supposed to have sex.

It’s all for show…right?

Did I mention he’s a really good liar?

Pretending not to fall in love is more complicated than I thought.

Grab Your Copy Here:

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars
I loved this delicious slow-burn romance between Burke and Chloe! They hooked me in from the prologue — so how come two years later, she hates him with a fiery passion when there was such a spark between them when they first met?

Welp, that would be thanks to Burke’s business manager/Chloe’s roommate, Maddox, and all the lies he’s told. Maddox also brings Chloe and Burke together when he skips town without a trace, leaving her homeless and one of Burke’s business dealings in a precarious position. Now, Burke needs a fiancee for his next deal, and Chloe needs a place to live and cook for her catering business, and a relationship of convenience is born.

Sure, they vow that there will be no sex and no falling in love, so of course, that is exactly what happens! It was a wonderful ride as Chloe discovered that Burke is nothing at all like she thought he was based on what Maddox had told her, and Burke, a guy who doesn’t do relationships, discovers that being in one with Chloe might not be so bad.

Something Like Love is the second book in the Against All Odds: St. James Family series. There are characters that cross over from the OG (like lawyer Nyx — I forgot how much I love her!), and we get to visit Burke’s twin, Zach, and Autumn a bit. I also felt like I got to know the other St. James siblings better and I CAN’T WAIT for Teddy and Seth’s story! What is brewing there??

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Claudia Burgoa

Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.  

She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breaths away. Her books are the perfect blend of steamy and heartfelt, filled with emotional characters and explosive chemistry. Her writing takes readers to new heights, providing a variety of tears, laughs, and shocking moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats.


She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, her youngest two children, and three fluffy dogs.


When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family. At nights, she likes to binge watches shows or movies with her equally geeky husband.

Connect with Claudia Burgoa

Website | NewsletterFacebook | Instagram | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Goodreads | BookBub | Reader Group

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Blurred Lines by Jessica Prince

Title: Blurred Lines
Author: Jessica Prince
Series: Redemption

Contemporary Romance; Small Town Romance; Grumpy/Sunshine

There was absolutely no way she was falling for her neighbor. No matter how gorgeous he was.

Aurora Keller thought she’d lucked out when she decided to put down roots in Redemption, Tennessee. She had a new business, new friends, and a picture-perfect little house. There was just one problem, and it came in the form of her six-foot-three tattooed, muscle-bound neighbor from hell, who just so happened to be her best friend’s future brother-in-law. It really wasn’t fair that Satan’s offspring was so nice to look at.

Callum Morrison wasn’t a good man. Or at least that was what he’d convinced himself. After a series of bad decisions that had resulted in the worst years of his life, all he was looking for was peace and quiet. Too bad he bought a house right next door to the one woman he wanted but could never have. That was enough to make any man grumpy.

What had started as a war against two neighbors turned into something so much more.

And if they aren’t careful, the fallout could destroy them both.

**The Redemption series is a series of interconnected, standalone, small town romances.**


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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

I have been waiting for Callum and Aurora’s story ever since Clay and Lark’s book, and Jessica Prince delivered a great grumpy recluse/neighbors/hate-to-love story.

The back and forth between these two was sooo tense, and I just needed them to kiss already bc the sexual chemistry was off the charts. That first kiss was worth the wait, but then I had to wait longer for them to really get on the same page! It was a delicious slow burn. The banter between these two was less about hating each other and all about hating how much they liked one another!

That said… But I felt disappointed that we didn’t get more of Callum’s history from prison. I wanted to know what caused his nightmares, his internal and external scars. That tortured hero bit worked great on him but I wanted to know details, and I felt let down by that. Didn’t stop me one bit from loving these two, though!

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Visit Redemption
a series of interconnected standalone romances

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Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide

Read for #free with #KindleUnlimited
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Read for #free with #KindleUnlimited
Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide

Read for #free with #KindleUnlimited
Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide

Read for #free with #KindleUnlimited
Amazon US | Amazon Worldwide

Born and raised around Houston Texas, Jessica spent most of her life complaining about the heat, humidity, and all around pain in the ass weather. It was only as an adult that she quickly realized the cost of living in Houston made up for not being able to breathe when she stepped outside. That’s why God created central air, after all.

Jessica is the mother of a perfect little boy–she refuses to accept that he inherited her attitude and sarcastic nature no matter what her husband says.

In addition to being a wife and mom, she’s also a wino, a coffee addict, and an avid lover of all types of books–romances still being her all time favs. Her husband likes to claim that reading is her obsession but she just says it’s a passion…there’s a difference. Not that she’d expect a boy to understand.

Jessica has been writing since she was a little girl, but thankfully grew out of drawing her own pictures for her stories before ever publishing her first book. Because an artist she is not.

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Amazon | Goodreads

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Those Three Little Words by Meghan Quinn


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Release Date: April 5, 2022

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance



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From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author Meghan Quinn comes a brand new romantic comedy about a one-night stand gone completely wrong. Laugh out loud and steamy with a heart-stopping happily ever after.

I knocked up my best friend’s sister.

Figured I would get straight to the point because how it happened is a mere snippet of the story I have to tell. The real meat and potatoes is what happened after.

Let’s start with how she decided to inform me and Pacey the news . . . together. Imagine that nightmare. I was going into what I thought was a hockey marketing meeting and then BAM! I’m going to be a dad and my best friend/teammate is attempting to imprint my face with his fist.

It wasn’t pretty.

Threats were tossed around, friendships were revoked, and then I was marched up to her apartment, suitcases in hand, and forced to live with her so I could take care of her every need. Given how much I’ve pined for the girl, you would think that wouldn’t be a hardship. Wrong.

This is my one shot to win my teammate back. Pacey is the only family I’ve got, so hooking up with his sister isn’t a mistake I can make twice . . . despite the fact that she’s pregnant with my child.

But with every mood swing, every pair of pants that doesn’t fit right, and every late night run to find the perfect donut, I’m finding it harder and harder not to fall for my best friend’s little sister.

Especially when she kisses me…




I’m a fun guy.

Some might say . . . neat.

A solid, trustworthy good time.

If you’re looking to have an amusing night out, I’m your man.

No drama.

No worries.

Just good old-fashioned fun.

I learned from a young age that life is short, and you have to fucking enjoy every second of it. So my rule is to say yes.

Say yes to as much shit as you can.

Hornsby, want to go to the pub down the street and get wasted with the locals?

Of course.

Hornsby, do you want to go skinny-dipping in the coach’s pool—when he’s home?


Hornsby, do you want to fly to Vegas on our day off and run up the poker tables?

That’s a hell yes.

Living in the moment, that’s my motto, and up until now, that motto has served me well. It has taken me places I never thought I’d go. It has presented me with opportunities I never thought I would have.

But . . . and that’s a big but, a huge one.

This time, my yes has come back to bite me in the ass.

You see, it all happened on my birthday. We had an off day, high from a big win against the Calgary Barnburners. It was Valentine’s Day—yes, I’m a Valentine’s baby—and we went to the best singles bar in the city that would be crawling with women.

The drinks were flowing.

The conversations were engaging.

And I was by no means calling it a night anytime soon.

That’s when she walked into the bar.

In a hot pink dress that clung to every inch of her curvy body, she styled her platinum-blonde hair into long, silky waves, and the lipstick staining her gorgeous lips matched the color of her dress. There was no doubt about it—she was a total smokeshow.

Every guy she came within a ten-foot radius paused what they were doing to give her a very blatant once-over.

Unmistakably the hottest girl in the bar.

And as she saddled up next to me, unaware of my presence, it felt like the music stopped as she gently placed her clutch on the bar top. Casually, she leaned toward the bartender, her manicured nails drumming along the wood top as she sweetly asked for a gimlet with two lime wedges.

I was entranced.

I was hooked.

I was stolen for the rest of the night.

My mind wanted one thing.


She had my attention, and no one would steal me away.

No one would stop me.

Because in all honesty, I’ve had my eye on her for a while, ever since I met her two years before.

And that night . . . it was my chance. All excuses, all restrictions, they were tossed to the curb as I laid down the best tool at my disposal to get her to talk to me: it was my birthday.

And fuck, did we have a night. I can still remember the way her dress slid off her body as I held her in my arms. I can still vividly recollect that her lips tasted of lime and danger. And I can still smell her intoxicating perfume floating around me as I drove into her, one pulse after the other until we both came at the same time. Multiple times.

It was one of the best nights of my entire life.

But it had to end because we agreed it would be a one-night thing. So that morning, she slipped away undetected, and we both went back to our daily routine. Eat, sleep, and breathe hockey.

Was it the best birthday present I could ask for?


Did she fulfill my every goddamn fantasy?

More than I could ever have imagined.

And if she came up to me and asked for more, would I oblige?

I would be hard pressed to say no.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a fairy-tale story of how my one-night stand turned into a romance for the ages, though.

Nope, that would be far too easy. This story, well . . . it exposes me as the man that I am. The man I feel to my very core. This is the story of how I wear the title “Ultimate Fuckup,” because not only did I accidentally get the girl in the hot pink dress pregnant . . .

But I broke bro code.

Because the girl in the hot pink dress is the sister of my teammate . . . and best friend.


Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Thank you, Meghan Quinn, for a delicious romance. This accidental pregnancy romcom was exactly what I needed to read on my vacation!

Eli and Penny’s story was gripping, from start to finish. I loved that they kind of floundered in their relationship for a while until they figured out what they meant to each other. And even then, Eli still questioned his feelings. He was an orphan; he didn’t know what love is like. Does he love Penny? Can he just be co-parents? What does it mean that he envisions a future with her? He was so unsure of his feelings, and his abandonment issues were so severe, that my heart broke for him. And Penny was so sure about the love she felt for Eli, loving him when he didn’t love himself and didn’t know if he could love her back…

As it turns out, Eli was a great boyfriend without even realizing that he was a boyfriend. He is attentive and kind, and I loved how he and Penny acted with one another. He handled her pregnancy craziness so well! There are some real doozies in there, and I laughed so much at her hormone-induced breakdowns.

I have loved getting to know these boys better, and kinda loved but hated that Winnie and Pacey got caught up in Eli and Penny’s mess… Pacey was trying to be the protective big brother and I loved how Winnie told him to butt out! I’m sure MQ will be saving Holmes’ story for last, and I’m okay with that.

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.


About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.


Connect with Meghan:









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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Don’t Speak by Dyan Layne

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by Dyan Layne

Blog Tour

Release Date: March 31, 2022

Cover Design:

Lori Jackson Design


Michelle Lancaster


Jaxon Human

Book Trailer:

Ashlee O’Brien, Ashes and Vellichor

Genre: Contemporary Romance


The heart always knows what it wants.

Molly wants him. He wants her.

She loves him the mostest. Aidan loves her more.

Even though he shouldn’t.

He’s heard the whispers.

Nothing but a tragedy.

A freak who hasn’t spoken since he was five.

And her stepbrother.

The heart always knows what it wants.

He loved her anyway.

But their world isn’t safe.

Nightmares are real. The boogeyman exists.

And somewhere, he’s still out there.


Add to your TBR List!


Purchase Link

Amazon Universal ~


$25 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter Giveaway


Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Stepbrother romances have always been my secret favorites and I loved everything about Molly and Aiden’s story! This is the first book I’ve read by Dyan Lane and I loved it! Usually, 3rd person POV isn’t my favorite, but she did a great job of telling the story from both characters’ sides.

I loved how we got to know Molly and Aiden from the time they were kids and I felt like I was there with them as their feelings for each other changed. They have an immediate connection, and she gets him more than anyone else does, even if he can’t speak. Both of these characters are so tortured and by trying to keep his distance, Aiden breaks both of their hearts.

There was an unexpected twist in this story that could have gone badly. But thankfully, this story has a wonderful ending and it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

About the Author

Dyan Layne is a nurse boss by day and the writer of edgy sensual tales by night–and on weekends. Serenity, the first book in the Red Door series, is her debut novel. She’s never without her Kindle, and can usually be found tapping away at her keyboard with a hot latte and a cold Dasani Lime–and sometimes champagne. She can’t sing a note, but often answers in song because isn’t there a song for just about everything? Born and raised a Chicago girl, she currently lives in Tampa, Florida, and is the mother of four handsome sons and a beautiful daughter, who are all grown up now, but can still make her crazy–and she loves it that way! Because normal is just so boring.

Connect with Dyan



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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Beauty and the Baller by Ilsa Madden-Mills

“A sexy, fun romance from an author who always delivers.” —Kirkus Reviews

Beauty and the Baller, an all-new moving and smoking hot fake relationship standalone romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills is available now!

An NFL quarterback turned small-town coach gets sacked by a Texas beauty queen in this swoony, passionate romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills.

Gorgeous, talented, and brilliant, NFL quarterback Ronan Smith has the world in his hands. But after losing his career and his fiancée in a car accident, he falls into a pit of grief and bad choices. When a mysterious girl shows up to his party, he feels drawn to her and makes her his…for one night.

Former beauty queen Nova Morgan is on a mission. Scantily clad as a princess from a galaxy far, far away, she sneaks into a high-profile party to capture the attention of her favorite quarterback. But her hopes crash after an awful one-night stand.

Fast-forward two years. Broke and desperate, Nova returns home to Blue Belle, Texas, where, by a cosmic twist of fate, her broody neighbor is none other than Ronan, the shiny new football coach everyone adores. But he has no idea who she is.

The booster club keeps shoving women at Ronan to keep him in town. His solution? He proposes fake dating to Nova. But things heat up for real under these Friday-night lights when he realizes she’s the one who slipped away.

Has this jaded beauty found her forever baller, or will his past keep them apart?

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Tortured pro athlete. Former beauty queen. One-night stand. Fake relationship. Passion, swoon, antics, and great supporting characters. Beauty and the Baller has it all! I loved Ronan and Nova’s story and how far he’s come by the end of the book from the grief-stricken guy we meet at first.

Their first encounter is memorable to both of them but for very different reasons — for Ronan, it was the night he realized he needed to get his life back together and move past the death of his fiance. For Nova, him calling her his dead fiance’s name wasn’t a highlight of her life. When they end up being next-d00r neighbors two years later when Nova moves back home to take care of her teenaged sister, will Ronan get a chance to make up to the one that got away?

Well, first he has to fake-date Nova to get the matchmaking ladies of Blue Bell and a jealous former fling off his back. It works well for Nova as well now that she’s also working with the high school boyfriend who broke her heart. Amid all the fake dates, Nova and Ronan realize that they just may be each other’s perfect match. But will Ronan’s future plans destroy their chance at a future together?

This book is definitely binge-able! It’s a feel-good second chance romance with lots of heart and heat. I loved the side romance between Skeeter and Sonia and would love to see a story about them!

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

About Ilsa Madden-Mills
Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills is best known for her angsty new adult romances and romantic comedies.

Eight of her eleven novels have placed in the Amazon Top 10 Best-seller List: Dirty English #1; Fake Fiancée and I Dare You #2; I Bet You, Filthy English, and Very Bad Things #6; Boyfriend Bargain #8; The Last Guy, her collaboration with Tia Louise, #4.

A former high school English teacher, she adores all things Pride and Prejudice, and of course, Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.

She’s addicted to frothy coffee beverages, cheesy magnets, and any book featuring unicorns and sword-wielding females. Feel free to stalk her online.

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Book Review

Sunny Shelly’s Review: Say It’s Forever by A.L. Jackson

Say It’s Forever
A Close Proximity, Single Parent Romance from A.L. Jackson
Available Now on Amazon and Free with Kindle Unlimited

My loves! It is HERE! I am so excited to share SAY IT’S FOREVER with the world! I’m so in love with these beautiful characters, and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with them, too!
“Oh my heart and my soul……this book took both and I’m never getting them back!”
-Melissa ❤️ bookaddict_fanatic
“Dark, gritty and undeniably sexy, this romance stole my heart and didn’t let go until the very end.”
-Kelly, Goodreads Reviewer
From NYT and USA Today bestselling author A.L. Jackson comes a close proximity, single-parent stand-alone romance about a woman on the run and the man who will do anything to save her…
Jud Lawson found me stranded in the rain.
Broken down on the side of the road in a deserted neighborhood with my piece of crap car.
I wasn’t looking for a hero, and definitely not one who looks like him.
An obscenely hot, mountain-of-a-man who screams danger.
But I have little choice other than climbing onto the back of his bike.
One look at Salem Aguilar, and I’m hooked. 
The girl is devastation wrapped in a black, seductive bow.
A knockout.
A dream.
Turns out, she needs a job, and I need the help.
Now I have a vixen strutting around my shop, and I’m the fool who’s itching to reach out and take what he can’t have.
But neither of us can ignore the burning attraction. 
The fire that leads to a kiss.
A kiss that has us falling into my bed.
The connection that has me wanting the one thing I’d never thought I could have again.
Because monsters like me don’t deserve love.
Only Salem has a secret, too. 
She’s been running for years, and her past just caught up to us…

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars
Say It’s Forever is a wonderful exploration of two broken people, running from the demons of their pasts, learning how to lean on one another to trust again. And finding a magical love along the way. Salem and Jud’s story is intense and raw, and they both are carrying around so much baggage. But together, they let down those walls and find hope amid their past heartache.

Salem is such a fierce heroine, even though she sees herself as damaged and weak. She’s been running from her ex for years, trying to protect her daughter, and has forever been looking over her shoulder. She finds a family of friends she never expected in Redemption, but is she wrong to let her guard down when she’s hiding from the terrible danger lurking in her past? Meanwhile, Jud thinks he must forever repent for the sins of his past and the bad things he’s done. But Salem sees him for the man he is, not the actions of his past. Can she make him see that he is worthy of being loved?

This book is set in the Redemption series but is a standalone. There are crossover characters, though, and we get a lot more of Jud’s brothers — and a peek at Trent and Eden’s next steps in their life together. I also liked getting to know Salem’s brother, Darius, and would love to see him find his match. The scene-stealers in this book are Salem’s daughter, Juni, and Jud’s nephew, Gage. They are so cute together as new best friends! I know they are kinda cousins via marriage, but I am totally shipping a Juni/Gage relationship down the road!

I listened to this book on audio, and Joe Arden and Andi Arndt beautifully brought AL Jackson’s story to life!

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Falling Stars Set & Say It’s Forever Collector’s Notebook

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.
If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.
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