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Sunny Shelly’s Review: The Problem With Second Chances by Piper Rayne

The Problem with Second Chances by Piper Rayne is now live!

For Rylan Greene and me, it was simple. Love only got us so far.

I’ve known him since we were six, long before he became the professional soccer star he is now. We’ve weaved in and out of one another’s lives as rivals, teammates, friends, and lovers. Until three years ago, when my life took a hit and I ran back to my small Alaskan town, Lake Starlight, away from anything or anyone that could hurt me.

He’s never far from my mind, a constant pining ache in my heart, but I’ve convinced myself I’m better off. But now, my best friend announces her engagement and that means Rylan will return home to stand as best man to her fiancé.

He’ll be back in my orbit for three whole weeks… but I can easily keep my distance. Sure, we’ll have to walk arm in arm down the aisle together, he’ll hold me close during the bridal party dance and we’ll stand for pictures next to each other. Nothing I can’t handle.

I’m so naïve though because he’s not in town for more than twenty-four hours before he knocks on my door. I should know by now, that the two of us will never be finished business.

This second chance romance spans sixteen years of a true love match that proves these two will only ever belong to one another.


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Narrated by: Joe Arden & Erin Mallon


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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Like hundreds of other Piper Rayne fans, I have been waiting for years for Calista Bailey and Rylan Greene’s story. There have been snippets of these two legacy characters sprinkled throughout the OG series (the Bailey Family and the Greene Family), and we were teased beyond belief in some of the Bailey and Greene novellas. Finally — finally! — their story has been told it was every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be!

The Problem With Second Chances is a magnificent second-chance romance, full of angst and the push and pull of will-they-or-won’t-they. Calista and Rylan are soulmates, so good together, so miserable apart, yet they can’t seem to get out of their own way and make their relationship work! Being forced back together as best man and maid of honor in the three weeks leading up to the wedding of their best friends really forces Ryan and Calista to take a long, hard look at their past and what they want for their future!

While this wonderful book is a standalone, it is especially a sweet treat for PR fans who have read the two series that this next-generation spinoff originated from. I adored seeing scenes from Rylan and Calista’s perspective, like when his brother Fisher nabbed them breaking into houses as teens to screw with people’s Netflix accounts. Loved all those little Easter eggs!

I read this e-book along with listening to Joe Arden and Erin Mallon narrate the audio book. The narrators did a wonderful job of bringing this beautiful story to life. I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t wait to get to the end, but I didn’t want this story to end!

This book was everything I hoped it would be and so much more! Bring on Brinley!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review

Meet Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write “heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle” about families, whether that be blood or found. They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they’re married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they’re both chauffeurs to their kids. Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too!

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