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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Flirting With Forever by Claire Kingsley

Flirting with Forever, the final book in the Dirty Martini Running Club series by CLAIRE KINGSLEY is LIVE!

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He’ll break all her rules

Nora Lakes is sophisticated, successful, and happily single. Career problems aside, her life is fine the way it is, thank you very much. Sure, her best friends are all moving into a new season of life—full of husbands and babies and white picket fences. But that’s not what Nora wants.

Neither is the gruff, tattooed guy next door.

Tattoo artist Dex St. James has enough trouble on his hands without the distractingly beautiful woman next door. Being a single dad to a teenage girl is no joke. The last thing he needs is a flirtatious new neighbor who makes his blood run hot.

He’ll just avoid her. She’s not his type anyway.

But Nora and Dex can’t seem to stay out of each other’s way. Between a pesky nocturnal visitor, Nora’s blossoming friendship with Dex’s daughter, and their undeniable chemistry, that up-against-the-wall, brain-melting kiss was probably inevitable.

Nora has rules when it comes to men, and she has her reasons. Dex threatens to break every last one of them. She doesn’t want forever. He won’t settle for anything less. But when these two collide, the result is fire.

And maybe even forever.

Author’s Note: opposites attract in this fun, swoony, single-dad romcom. A smart, sassy woman meets a rough-around-the-edges tattoo artist with a heart of gold. Daddy/daughter moments, all the banter, neighborly shenanigans, a meddling family, badass lady friendships, and a hero who’s determined to fight the heat between them—until he falls first.

Flirting with Forever can be read as a stand-alone.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Claire Kingsley wraps up the Dirty Martini Running Club with Nora’s story, and it was well worth the wait!

Dex is a single dad with a surly tween who doesn’t have much free time between raising his daughter, Riley, and running his tattoo shop. But the broody hulk of a man may be just what sex columnist Nora needs in her life, now that she’s living in suburbia and her besties have all married off. Since neither one of them are interested in a committed relationship, a no-strings fling lets them both scratch those sexy itches. Naturally, Nora and Dex fall into a relationship before either of them realizes it. And suddenly, the woman who didn’t want a commitment and the man with zero free time find themselves flirting with the idea of spending forever with the other.

Dex and Nora’s relationship was certainly HOT (especially thanks to awesome narrators Stephen Dexter and Vanessa Edwin). Who knew that chaperoning a middle school dance was such great foreplay??? However, I also really loved the friendship that developed between Dex’s daughter, Riley, and Nora. It felt genuine and stood on its own so that Riley was a full character herself and not just a prop to make Dex the sexy single dad next door.

Some of my favorite highlights: The bounce house at Dex’s family BBQ was hilarious… the friendship between Nora/Everly/Hazel/Sophie is wonderful and the husband gang makes me smile every time they pop up… Riley and Nora’s friendship was adorable and so true and honest. It made me happy to see that Riley had Nora step up for her in ways that her mom never did!

I always want to smack whichever character storms off during a miscommunication without letting the other one explain… but the grovel/reunion was a wonderful, swoon-worthy payoff!

Well done, Claire! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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