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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Beautifully Scarred by P. Rayne

We are excited to announce that Beautifully Scarred by P. Rayne – Dark Romance Author is now live!


Growing up, all we had was each other.

Jimmy’s always been the one who protected me—at any cost. I was content to let him clean up my messes. And when he kept his promise to get us out of our hometown and living the lives we always dreamed of, I was happy to pretend everything would be okay… for a while.

While Jimmy was able to leave the past behind, mine felt like a tattoo I could never scrub clean.

Jimmy thinks he can fix me—he tries, and tries, and tries.

Sometimes love isn’t enough to heal all the wounds from the past. Sometimes even your savior thinks you’re not worth saving.

And he’d be right… until everything changed.


I’ve loved Lilah for as long as I can remember.

And for as long as I can remember, she’s pushed down the traumas of her past until they became poison running through her veins, infecting everything she touched.

Watching the woman you love destroy herself piece by piece is the slowest, most painful form of torture I know.

Giving her up may be the only way to save her. But how do I just walk away from the one person I love most in this life?

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Beautifully Scarred is quite a different story than the lighthearted contemporary romcoms I’ve come to know and love from Piper Rayne. Writing as P. Rayne, these co-authors do a fabulous job of presenting an emotional best-friend romance between Lilah and Jimmy — a darker, more intense tale touching on a whole host of deep and somewhat taboo subjects.

At their best and at their worst, Lilah and Jimmy have an intense, binding connection. Yet as their careers rise — he’s Hollywood’s latest golden boy and she’s a rising superstar model — their friendship veers off to different paths. While he does his best to be there for her, Lilah falls deeper into addiction as a way to cope with the trauma of her childhood. Her history is heartbreaking and even though most of it happened off-page, the way it has affected her is there in every move that she makes. And P. Rayne did a great job of portraying the heartache and pain in this character.

Beautifully Scarred takes place in two parts with a six-year time jump as these two damaged souls find their way back to one another. It’s a long and bumpy road for Lilah and Jimmy to find peace, and there is a lot of growth from both characters on the journey. This book is a whopper of a story at nearly 80 chapters — it was originally released as a duet several years ago before being repackaged –but it grabbed me from the start. I will definitely come back to read this angst-fest again!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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