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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Every Time My Heart Breaks by Linda Kage

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  How do you make yourself fall in love with someone?

After his family friend, Chloe Ryan, is traumatized by a disturbed ex-boyfriend, Luke Hamilton is “encouraged” to step up and be the kind of partner she needs.

Problem is, he’s never been in love before.

He’s not one to give up, though. His stubborn, competitive nature, mixed with the dutiful loyalty he inherited from his parents, makes it impossible for him to say no. And romancing Chloe becomes priority number one.

But his feisty contender gives him the challenge of a lifetime when she’d rather argue with him than accept a simple compliment. Chloe demands honest, genuine feelings from someone before she’ll even think about opening her heart again, and since Luke refuses to back down from his determined quest, he decides to grow some feelings.

Except, uh, yeah… That’s easier said than done since he has no idea how to even begin the process of falling.


Chloe is a simple woman with simple wants. All she’d like is to work her job, find a partner to share her life with, and then grow a family with him.

But apparently, that’s just too much to ask for.

After her ex kidnaps and terrorizes her, Chloe is suddenly put on six weeks of leave from her job to recover, she can’t handle it when anyone touches her, and her big dream of the simple life seems more impossible to reach than ever.

Until Luke bulldozes his way into the picture, determined to help her through her rough patch and promising her everything she’s ever wanted.

The problem is Chloe loved Luke way back when she was young, and no one’s ever broken her heart the way he did when he didn’t even notice her in return. No way is she going to risk more heartbreak at his hands now. Chloe becomes just as determined to push him away as he is to stick by her side.

Let the battle of wills begin.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3.5 Stars

I felt a little lost while reading this book because I didn’t realize it is part of a larger series and was unsure about some of the relationships between the characters. And I also wasn’t sure how the plot point that Luke was “told” to fall in love with Chloe was going to sit with me. I didn’t love it and have read plenty of books in the fake-relationship trope that didn’t set up the romance between the main characters with an ick like that. For the same reason, I don’t like the relationship bet trope, Chloe was betrayed from the start.

That said, I did enjoy Chloe and Luke’s story very much. There are great uses of flashbacks to solidify the long-standing relationship between the two, and I thought that some heavy themes were handled well by the author, especially the trauma bonding after she’s abducted by her ex.

I guess that in the end, Luke’s directive with Chloe was the prod he needed to finally make a move, but that plot point didn’t sit well with me.

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

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