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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Fallen Crown by W. Million

Fallen Crown, an all-new enemies-to-lovers royal standalone romance from bestselling author W. Million is available now!

Maren Tucker is done with men who check in for the good times and check out for the bad. As a member of one of the oldest families in Bellerive, she doesn’t have to play nice with the Summerset Royals. Especially not the youngest who represents everything she detests.

Brice Summerset is the life of every party, and as the third in line to the throne, he’s never had to take anything in life particularly seriously. Show up. Charm a few people. Make a generous donation. Move on.

But Brice’s life is on the cusp of big changes. His father is sick. His two older brothers are settling down, and he’s starting to wonder what else life has to offer.

When Maren tries to block Brice from joining her charity adventure race team, Brice balks at the notion he’s not up to the challenge. As the two butt heads over everything from training philosophies to life goals, they begin to see something in themselves and each other that they never expected.

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I press my lips together to avoid snapping back, which is what Brice wants. If I can’t keep my retorts focused on training, I’ll undermine my authority as the coach, and I’ve worked too damn hard and earned every scrap of my knowledge to look like a fool.
Wren hooks Brice up to the ropes, and he approaches the wall, examining the placement of the holds. When he goes to reach for the first one, Wren cringes but doesn’t say anything.
“You want to maximize your static reach.” I release a deep sigh and go to the wall to demonstrate how to straighten his posture and rise on his toes to get a good grip. “Otherwise, your arms will get tired quickly.”
He gazes at me wordlessly for a beat, and I can’t tell if he’s taking me seriously or not. Then he says, “Any more tips, Coach?”
“Don’t over grip the handholds. Keep your hands relaxed and light.” I demonstrate, and when Brice grasps the rock just above our heads, I slide my hand under his to check the tension in his wrist. His skin is warm and smooth against mine. “Yeah,” I say, “gentle like you’re cupping an egg or a light bulb and trying not to break it.”
“I tend to prefer my grip firm,” he says with a smirk.
“Not a surprise that your primary concern is your own satisfaction.” I give him a mild look and keep my voice pitched low.
“My own satisfaction is always a concern,” he says, leaning close enough that his breath stirs the tendrils of dark hair that have escaped my ponytail, “but it’s never my only one.”
I can feel my jaw tighten at his obvious innuendo, and my heart kicks at his proximity. An unexpected awareness electrifies the space between us, and when our gazes connect, his expression shifts from brimming with amusement to one laced with curiosity.
“You’re not as immune to me as you’d like to believe,” he whispers.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Maren and Brice’s story is a rollercoaster of emotions!

As the youngest son of the royal family, Brice never really had to worry about anyone or anything other than himself. He has no responsibilities, nothing is expected of him, and he has more or less lived his life however he wanted it. Maren, meanwhile, has had a tough life and has been hurt so much by so many people. She detests Prince Brice, but has no choice but to train him for a charity race, much to her dismay. So what happens when Maren discovers that Prince Playboy isn’t all that he seems?

I loved how sweet Brice was with Maren, and how he respected and cared for her when she didn’t have much of that at all before. And she saw him for the man that he is, not the royal prince who grew up in the palace.

This royal romance is a royal gem! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

About W. Million
W. Million is a Watty Award winner whose contemporary romances about strong women and troubled men have captivated her loyal readers.

Writing as Wendy Million, she is the author of the romantic suspense series The Donaghey Brothers, the NA sports romance Saving Us, and the contemporary second chance romance, When Stars Fall.

When not writing, Wendy enjoys spending time in or around the water. She lives in Ontario, Canada with two beautiful daughters, two cute pooches, and one handsome husband (who is grateful she doesn’t need two of those).

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