Sunny Shelly’s Review: Royal Escape by JJ Knight

Title: Royal Escape
Series: Royally Pickled Trilogy #3
Author: JJ Knight
Genre: Standalone Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 1, 2022
The hot mess everyone knows as Princess Lili is falling in love with one man and having wild monkey business with another. Yeah, I mean me. I’m the hot mess.
Don’t judge me. Not yet. There’s some back story.
First, I ran away from my royal duties.
I escaped to America, party hopping as the wild, red-haired lifestyle influencer Indigo Flame. I peddle everything from blue eye shadow to flavored pickles to get by.
Don’t judge me!
Then, I met the kind, sensitive artist Jesse Adams while looking like the real me — princess me. This is a problem. Huge. I can only see him in secret or the jig is up.
But then I discovered the Masked Man. I met him at a vampire ball dressed as Indigo. Within ten minutes, we were locking the door of the dressing room and things got hot.
I planned to lead a double life all along. I have to if I want to be free of my royal shackles.
But now I have a triple life? Quadruple?
All I know is that Jesse opens my heart, and the Masked Man opens … everything else.
And if I don’t get my act together, I’m going to lose everything.
Royal Escape is a hot, hot, hot romantic comedy about a princess pretending to be an influencer pretending to be a princess, a man who can’t keep his hands off her (as long as he’s wearing a mask), a meddling Pickle family who opens a castle in Colorado without realizing the pretend princess is a real princess, and a triple-double twist that everybody sees coming — except the donkeys.
Royal Escape is the final book in the Royally Pickled trilogy, but can totally be read as a standalone.
Free in Kindle Unlimited
I pause in front of an unexpected door. Does this hotel room have another room?
I twist the deadbolt and try to open it, but it doesn’t budge. I jerk and shake it, then realize there is another latch that drops into the floor. I bend down and lift it.
The door opens to reveal — another door. But this one doesn’t have a knob. That’s odd.
This door rattles. I press my ear against the wood to listen.
Then suddenly, the door flies open, and I fall onto the floor on the other side!
My face smashes into orange carpet. It smells like an orange, too. I lift my head. “What in thunder?”
There’s a mandarin duvet on the bed. Orange walls, textured to look like the inside of a peel.
Then, right by my cheek, two feet.
Man feet. Square nails.
Pants, no cuffs. The hem lands exactly where it should, custom tailored.
I rise to my hands and knees, shaking off my fall as I lift my head. The pant legs are tapered and crisply ironed. The belt is Italian leather. The shirt is pale green, the cuffs rolled up to reveal strong, tan forearms.
The neck is unbuttoned.
Then I see his face.
Good Lord. He’s gorgeous and blue-eyed with sandy hair. He must be a model, comped a stay by the hotel. I’d comp him anything he asked for.
He stares at me with an odd expression of amusement. “Falling for me already?”
Worst opening line ever.
But yes, yes, I am.
Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars
Princess Lilli escapes the royal palace during a royal birth and heads undetected to New York, where she’s living a double life as a social media influencer, lusting after the guy staying in the hotel room next door, and having steamy sex with a masked dude at a charity ball. That pretty much sums up the first few chapters of Royal Escape, and Lilli and Jesse’s story just snowballs from there!

Lilli — as Ellie/Indigo Flame — has a pretty good thing going for a while in New York. She just gets to be an ordinary girl when she’s with Jesse, and she treasures the freedom. I loved that she was able to find her way around Manhattan and fend for herself, and wasn’t this damsel in distress. But eventually, Lilli is discovered by her Pickle in-laws, and her grand escape plan comes to an end when she’s dragged back home in front of mom and dad, aka the King and Queen. But will Lilli and Jesse get their happy ending?

There are a lot of sweet moments between Lilli and Jesse as they get to know one another, and this book was definitely steamier than the other books in the Pickleverse. It’s a lot of fun, a little campy, and captures the zeitgeist with an inside look at the life of a social media influencer. Royal Escape also brings in the cast of characters that we’ve gotten to know — and all of the antics that come along with them.

I received a complimentary copy and voluntarily left a review.

Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
JJ Knight is the USA Today and Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic comedy including Tasty Mango and Big Pickle.

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