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Sunny Shelly’s Review: Chasing Her Fire, by Claire Kingsley

Sexy firefighter Logan Bailey is an expert at putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff—on and off duty. But he just did the unthinkable, and it wasn’t trading in his tube socks. He slept with his nemesis. His mortal enemy. The crazy redhead he loves to hate. Cara Goulding. And no matter how much he wants to lie to himself, he has to admit, it was mind-blowing.

Cara will not be tempted by the one night she spent with prince dickhead—even if her traitorous body remembers every earth-shattering moment. It was a mistake and she’s stronger than that. She’ll just keep avoiding him and pretend it didn’t happen.But the feuding small town of Tilikum might not be big enough for the both of them. Avoiding each other isn’t working. And with every moment they’re forced to spend together, the sparks get hotter, the flames grow brighter, and the tension borders on unbearable.

Until they both reach their breaking point and their fiery relationship explodes.

Author’s note: a sexy firefighter and the sassy redhead who drives him crazy. All the banter, delicious tension, a heartwarming family, and Kindle-melting steam. Enemies to lovers is as hot as it gets and these two are FIRE.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

“She’d gone from the woman I love to hate to the most important person on the planet.”

I finished Chasing Her Fire two days ago, and am still wrapping my head around how much I loved Logan and Cara’s story! I knew these two were going to be fire. I knew I was going to love Logan’s story the most, the same way I knew that Leo Miles would be my favorite hero in that family’s series. And I knew that it *had* to be Cara who Logan fell for. But I was not prepared for the fire that is Logan and Cara together!

The epilogue/prologue chapter was just a hint of how intense these two are together. And I thought I was prepared for their accidental pregnancy story, but I really wasn’t! This book has All. The. Feels. The snark and name-calling that has gone on for years between these two is twisted foreplay…. and when they finally have sober sex (after that night if drunken sex!) it is off the walls hot!

Cara is batsh$t crazy, and Logan soothes all her rough edges. He grounds her in a beautiful way, and gives that scared girl who never felt safe or loved a strong and secure place to land. It takes Cara a REALLY long time to accept that Logan isn’t going to walk away, and that scene where they finally profess their love is everything!!

As always, Claire Kingsley brings the heat and the heart. There are so many tender moments between Logan and Cara — and I had tears in my eyes when Cara had her conversation with Gram and got her fated-mate nickname!! So beautiful!!

This book is a standalone, but there is an ongoing thread of a mystery in town that is weaved throughout the books. So really, start at the beginning of the Bailey books and read through! We get a few more details about Eliza Bailey (but not much!), and the Haven/Bailey feud is at an all-time high, just in time for Levi’s story!

Logan was the Bailey brother whose story I was most looking forward to, and I was not disappointed! But after reading Levi’s epilogue, I feel like the story with him is going to be crazy good!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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