Sunny Shelly’s Review: Stealing Home by Carrie Aarons

Carrie Aarons’ second Callahan Family series book is here, and Stealing Home is a total ugly cry! Walker and Hannah’s story is an intense, emotional romance that will leave your heart warmed and your soul happy!
Read it now! bit.ly/ReadStealingHome

This heartbreaking, unrequited love story brings us back to the world of a small Pennsylvania town that houses a professional baseball team, which has been run by the same family for generations. After being struck by scandal, they’re closing ranks. Drama, romance, familial bonds, sports – the Callahan Family series has it ALL.

Walker Callahan has loved from afar for as long as he can remember.

The golden boy of the Callahan baseball dynasty, he’s the only player to ever secure a top spot on a roster controlled by his own flesh and blood. The pressure, duty and plans laid out for him since birth loom large, causing things like love and a family to fall by the wayside.

Or maybe that’s because the woman he loves is already married with children.

When they met, she was already promised to someone else. For over six years, he resigned himself to being her friend. Until one night, when her marriage and the ugly secrets it keeps unravels for the world to see. She’s burned, scared and needs someone who will put her needs above everything else.

Can Walker risk his own future and show her how to trust again? Or will the feelings he’s kept hidden for years throw him out of the game before he can even attempt to play?

Hannah Giraldi never wants to fall in love again.

All it brings is pain, misery and her life falling to shambles. After a very public scandal, her abusive husband takes everything, leaving her to raise two daughters on nothing but charity from others, a hope, and a prayer.

New to the job market, single motherhood, and with two court cases on her plate, the last thing she needs are the butterflies that Walker ignites in her stomach every time he comes around. But with his soothing words, supportive shoulder to lean on, and undeniable gorgeousness, he’s pretty hard to ignore.

Just when it feels like she might be standing on her own two feet, the world comes crumbling down around her. And the man she’s finally allowed into her heart abandons her, once again leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Is there a way to heal all of the broken parts, or will Hannah go down swinging while attempting one more shot at a happily ever after?

Read Stealing Home now! bit.ly/ReadStealingHome

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Stealing Home is the second book in the Callahan Family series from Carrie Aarons. It is a standalone, but events leading up to Hannah’s story — namely the violent attack by her husband — take place int eh previous book, Warning Track. I knew when I read that particular chapter and Walker came to Hannah’s rescue that their story was going to be a doozy. And Carrie Aarons did not disappoint!

Walker is not only a player for the Packton Pistons, but he is the face of the organization because his family has owned the baseball team for generations and it is expected that he will one day take over. Except that Walker doesn’t want to run the organization. He still feels an incredible responsibility to the family business though, because his brother Sinclair is such a screwup. So the responsibility of doing the right thing has fallen on Walker’s shoulders for years, and he never puts his own happiness as a priority. Until Hannah’s world falls apart.

From the outside, Hannah had it all. A handsome, charming husband, a huge house, two beautiful daughters. But looks are deceiving because it was all a facade. Her husband, Shane, had been abusing her for years, up until he beat her so badly in the stadium parking lot that the police became involved and their secret life was exposed. Now, Hannah is desperately trying to piece her life back together while fighting Shane in court for custody of their daughters.

Walker has been harboring unrequited feelings for Hannah since before she married Shane. He always stood on the outside, friendly but kept his distance. And after being the one to literally pick Hannah up after Shane beat her, Walker became her knight in shining armor. He was a shoulder to lean on, a friendly face, a confidant. Their relationship is so simple and easy, and even thought Hannah is petrified to give her heart to Walker and lose herself in a relationship again, it’s not long before she finds herself falling for Walker in return.

But when a tragic accident hits Walker’s own family, he begins to second-guess his place in Hannah’s life. After a great few months of putting himself first and doing what made him happy when it came to being with Hannah, Walker backs away from their relationship to toe the family line… and is absolutely miserable. Will he make his move, round the bases and steal home to get the love of his life back?

Despite the underlying story of domestic abuse and all that Hannah goes through with Shane’s manipulations, this is a wonderful story of strength, resilience, respect and hope. Walker is a swoony hero, who shows Hannah an incredible amount of respect from the very start. And even though Hannah sees herself as weak, she is incredibly strong and comes out of a horrible situation on top, with grit and determination. These two are magic together, and Walker is such a great father figure in the lives of her daughters. I found this story incredibly moving, and I was so thrilled to see Hannah and Walker get the HEA that they both deserved!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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