New Release: Sunny Shelly Reviews The Ex Effect, by Karla Sorensen

Title: The Ex Effect
Author: Karla Sorensen
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 5, 2018
Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
The headline could write itself:
Matthew Hawkins, star defensive end, comes out of retirement to play for the Washington Wolves. 
Which is perfectly fine by Ava Baker—it makes her job as publicist for the team easier. 
There’s only two problems. This particular football player was her first crush. 
The bigger problem: Matthew Hawkins was once engaged to her older sister. 
It’s been ten years since Ava has seen Matthew. He’s bigger, better looking, and best of all—completely single. Despite his history with her sister, the attraction between Ava and Matthew isn’t so one-sided anymore. 
It’s hot enough to burn down the entire city of Seattle. 
But this headline is far more complicated to write. And not just for the press or what it means for her family— because once her heart is involved, there’s no predicting the ending.


Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

The Ex Effect is the second book in Karla Sorensen’s Washington Wolves football series, and is the story of PR manager Ava and the guy she crushes on as a teenager, Matthew… who just so happens to be her bitchy sister’s ex-Fiance. I thought that the title was a misnomer; I was expecting a second-chance romance until I read the blurb.

I was a bit worried that the sibling double-dip in The Ex Effect was going to be icky, but Matthew’s dating and engagement to Ava’s sister happens ten years before the events in this story unfold. And the easy friendship that Ava and Matthew develop — and how easily they then slide into a relationship that neither one of them expected despite the potential messiness of their history — was incredibly sweet and endearing. I fell hard for this couple.

Matthew’s insecurities over having been cheated on and Ava’s baggage due to her overly critical family come into play quite a bit, and really give a background to how these characters interact. Or don’t, as the case may be, since Ava is so reluctant to discuss Matthew’s past with her sister. So when things blow up in their faces, I really got why they both reacted the way that they did.
In most books, it’s often the guy who makes the Grand Gesture to win back the girl. I loved how KS flips the script in The Ex Effect. Matthew is so hurt and lashing out, and Ava knows it’s up to her to prove her feelings to him… and she does in a spectacular way!

This book even ended with the sweetest HFN! I did, however, feel badly for Logan when he more or less loses Ava to Matthew. So I’m really hoping that Karla’s next book is his story!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Well, let’s see … I’m a wife and a mother. If the things that I write bring a smile to someone’s face, then I’ve done my job. I am obsessed with Outlander (both the books and the show). I’m almost exclusively a romance reader, which means some people will never consider me a literary snob. If I could meet one historical figure, it would be Jane Austen. I received my Bachelors in Public Relations and worked in health care marketing before I had my babies. I hate Twitter. I do it, but I hate it. Also, if you want to get on my good side, bring me wine and I’ll love you forever.


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