Blog Tour: Reckless Kiss, by Alexis Anne

Reckless Kiss (Reckless Duet #1) by Alexis Anne
Release Date: November 6th

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Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Jn8D3S
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One night. Limitless pleasure.

This is the promise I make to each woman who calls my number. With Esme I expected nothing different. I’d return to work the next day with a deep appreciation for her body, the sound of her moans, and a night of memories.

Except she was different than anyone I’d ever met before. She was more. Needier, sweeter, more honest while also keeping everything personal hidden. Maybe it was the mystery that drew me to her. All I knew was that I craved another night.

When my best friend came to me looking for help with a girl, the last thing I expected when I finally met the mystery woman was for her to be my mystery woman. I’d been unknowingly helping him woo the one woman I wanted another night with.

And that leaves me with quite the problem when Esme also needs my help…be a good friend or indulge my own desires?

“Here’s romance for you, Esme. Tonight I promise to fulfill your every need, to give you the pleasure you deserve and worship your body the way it was intended.”

Her eyes widened and darkened, the pulse in her throat quickened, her cheeks flushed. My dick hardened in response.

“Tonight I am yours and you are mine and nothing else matters.”

She took a shaky breath and touched her glass to mine, then shot it back.

“And here I thought romance was dead,” she whispered, clearly affected by my little speech.

Hell, I’d affected myself. I’d said a lot of nice things over the years about why I did what I did, but I’d never spoken with such emotion or intention, as if I needed this night every bit as much as she did.

About the Author
Alexis Anne has a BA in Anthropology, and an MA in Applied Anthropology with a concentration in Historic Archaeology and GIS (Geographic Information Systems.) She scribbled her first stories as soon as she could write and has never been able to kick the addiction. As a native Floridian she’s still getting her seasons mixed up after a move to North Carolina with her husband (affectionately known in the writing community as The Sexy Editor), two parkour-loving sons, and their adventurous husky. She prefers coffee, whiskey, travel, music, and most of all, exploring all the different ways love has made the world a better place.

Connect w/Alexis
Website: https://alexisannebooks.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlexisAnneBooks/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexisAnneBooks
Instagram: http://instagram.com/alexisanneauthor
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2S4ZSzz


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