Sunny Shelly’s Review: Like You Should, by Kaydence Snow


From International Bestselling author Kaydence Snow, comes a student-teacher romance full of suspense and forbidden heat.


My life is a mess.

No plans for the future, constantly disappointing everyone, and now some creep is threatening me, making me do reprehensible things.

Oh! And a teacher is somehow involved too. Easton Monroe is strict, aloof, and not at all what everyone at school thinks he is. The more I dig beneath his neat shirts and disapproving frowns, the more I catch feelings for the complicated man.

I have to figure him out – before we do something we’ll both regret.


My life is a lie.

In a job I can’t stand, alone and miserable, the anonymous psycho blackmailing me is the only person I speak to regularly.

In case I didn’t have enough to stress about, a student is being targeted by the same psycho. Harlow Mead is stubborn, brave and so much more than she lets people see. She’s determined to fight and more beguiling the more I get to know her.

I have to get us out of this deadly situation – before I ruin us both.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Like You Should is a student/teacher romance, but it’s worth noting that Harlow is 18, Easton only 23, and he’s not *her* teacher — just teaches at the same elite academy where she attends.

Going into this book, I didn’t have much of an opinion of Harlow based on her appearances in the previous ones. She was just kind of a background player, but she really comes into her own in Like You Should. She was always Donna’s little sister who needed taking care of, but now she’s trying to take care of her big sister. Even if it means doing shady, illegal things to protect Donna’s wild past from coming to light. I *really* liked Harlow. Whereas I found Donna to be a bully and a mean girl in her book, I thought Harlow was fiercely loyal to her family and selfless. Sure, she was being coerced into breaking and entering among other things, but she was doing it to protect her big sister. Harlow always put herself down as being stupid, but I found her to be full of street smarts and a strong heroine.

Then there’s Easton. Cold, uptight Mr. Monroe is actually a weekend tattoo artist, full of ink and a pretty sweet guy to boot. He’s cold at school because he hates being there. He, too, is being coerced to do shady things, and it’s all to protect his little brother, Ford. He tries so hard to distance himself from Harlow, but there’s a strong connection there that he can’t deny. Even though he’s not her teacher, Easton tries to do the right thing and not compromise either of their reputations.

But as Easton, Harlow and Ford work together to try to uncover the identity of their mysterious blackmailer, Easton learns that there is much more to Harlow than the bratty rich girl he originally thought she was, and she discovers that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to protect those who matter to him… and that includes her. I thought these two were wonderful together… I really think they are my favorite couple of this series so far!

Like You Should can be read as a standalone, but there is an ongoing storyline with a mysterious self-help group called BestLyfe that has continued through all three books so far. Somehow — I’m sure of it! — the hacker who was blackmailing Easton and Harlow is connected to BestLyfe, but that was mysteriously dropped as soon as Ocean’s identity was revealed. But I trust Kaydence Snow has the resolution to it all planned out for Amaya’s book, coming next! And can we PLEASE get a book for Ford??

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.


#1 Like You Care


Free in Kindle Unlimited

#2 Like You Hurt


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Kaydence Snow has lived all over the world but ended up settled in Melbourne, Australia. She lives near the beach with her husband.

She draws inspiration from her own overthinking, sometimes frightening imagination, and everything that makes life interesting: complicated relationships, new experiences and good food and coffee. Life is not worth living without good food and coffee!

She believes sarcasm is the highest form of wit and has the vocabulary of a highly educated, well-read sailor. When she’s not writing, thinking about writing, planning when she can write next, or reading other people’s writing, she loves to travel and learn new things.


Website: https://kaydencesnow.com

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