Sunny Shelly’s Review: Dear Love, I Hate You, by Eliah Greenwood

Release Date: March 12
It all started with an anonymous letter.
He wasn’t supposed to find it—no one was.
 And he definitely wasn’t supposed to answer it.
We end up talking through letters and sticky notes in a book. One sticky note. Two sticky notes. Ten sticky notes. All baring our darkest, deepest secrets.
It’s all fun and games until I find out who my pen pal is…
Xavier Emery. King of my basketball-obsessed town, my childhood bully, and the guy I am in grave danger of falling in love with.
But the rules were clear: we can never know who we’re talking to, and the confessions can never, ever get out. Seriously. It would destroy lives.
Fine by me. Even if Mr. Popular does find out his confidant is little old me, it’s not like he’d ever love me back…

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Dear Love, I Hate You is the first book I’ve read by Eliah Greenwood. It hit all the marks of an enemies to lovers/high school romance, a mistaken identity, opposites attract romance. Aveena (Vee) is a loner, Xavier is the popular athlete. They were friends ages ago, and he broke her little heart. Their paths diverged in the years since, and when Xavier finds an angry letter that Vee mistakenly left behind in the school library, their lives again cross paths and are changed forever.

I thought the author did a great job of balancing out Xavier’s cockiness with his vulnerable side. His family life is a mess behind closed doors, and he’s trying his best to hold it all together. And Vee is a strong heroine, even if she’s been living her life in her gifted little sister’s shadow for years. Through her relationship with Xavier, she really comes into her own, and they see the best in one another. They see the hidden parts that nobody else sees.

Through their secret pen pal letters, these two form a wonderful connection, and I really liked how the letters were used as a tool for Vee and Xavier falling in love without truly knowing who the other one was. They connected on a much deeper level by sharing their innermost thoughts and deepest confessions, a level that they likely wouldn’t have reached they just started talking at a high school kegger. I loved the beauty in that raw emotion, the way they opened themselves up to one another.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Meet Eliah Greenwood

Eliah Greenwood is a Canadian author, proud Wattpad Star, Fiction Awards 2018 Winner, coffee addict and cliché with a twist lover!

She started her writing journey on a website called Wattpad at the age of fifteen. She wrote the majority of her first book Unwritten Rules on the bus on her way home from school. When her debut gathered 31,000,000 reads on the platform, she decided to self-publish the trilogy that set so many hearts, including hers, on fire. 


When she’s not writing and screaming at her computer screen, you can find her binge watching her favourite TV shows on repeat or reading in a warm blanket. 


She is currently working on her fifth book. It is expected to come out in 2021.


Connect with Eliah Greenwood
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