Sunny Shelly’s Review: Just My Type, by Sophia Karlson



Title: Just My Type
Author: Sophia Karlson 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2021
She hides behind a camera lens. He’s played himself into a corner. Can they outrun the rumor mill and make way for forever?


Hayley Brooke is done with men. So when a sloshed guy at a party makes a sloppy play for her affections, the wedding photographer is relieved when a hunky stranger comes to the rescue. But her gratitude quickly sours when she realizes her savior is the same infamous womanizer she once met on a bad blind date.

Mark Hastings is tired of trying to tough it out. Heralded online as the hottest bachelor on the market, the rugby player’s crippling anxiety steers him well away from the suffocating public spotlight. So saving a familiar pretty face and then being rejected is made a million times worse when pictures light up the internet with salacious gossip.

Horrified to be caught up in the swell of fangirl spite, Hayley demands he set the record straight by being seen with somebody else… only to be bitten by unexpected jealousy. And when they’re forced back together to plan a mutual friend’s engagement bash, they give in to their physical attraction and Mark vows to finally expose his vulnerability.

With social media commenting on their every move, will Hayley ever believe Mark’s love is real?

Just My Type is a heart-fluttering contemporary romance novel. If you like endearing characters, steamy excitement, and breathtaking twists, then you’ll adore Sophia Karlson’s sensual scrum.









Mjlovestoread – “Perfect little love story!”

Marcie’s on the Books – “Mark Hastings Is Just My Type and MORE!”

Wendy’s Book Reviews – “Sweet read!!”

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars 

Just My Type is a sexy and sweet opposites attract friends to lovers romance. Sophia Karlson is a new-to-me author, and I really enjoyed her writing style and the journey Mark (aka Stings) and Hayley went on. It’s set in South Africa, and tells the story of a rugby star who has a reputation as a womanizer who never sleeps with the same woman twice and the photographer who is convinced that she is not his type.

Mark and Hayley have mutual friends, so they run in the same circle and have known each other for years. As they get to know one another during their best friends’ engagement party, Hayley realizes that she really misjudged Stings, and she just may be his type after all…

This book started off as a slow burn for me, but once it really got going, I loved Mark and Hayley, and what they drew out of the other. I thought this was going to be another lighthearted manwhore-falls-for-the-good-girl story — and it was — but there are a whole host of deeper topics that come into play in this book, like anxiety, mental health and depression. And the effects that social media can have on a person. I loved the scene where Mark kind of freaks out and doesn’t know how to handle being surrounded by his fans… it brought another aspect of the life of a celebrity to light, one that I haven’t seen much of in the sports romance genre.

A gem of a romance!
Sophia Karlson writes sensual, emotional, and evocative contemporary romance, often set in far-flung settings. She used to work in the travel industry before turning to full-time writing. Her first book, Perfect Mistake, was a finalist for the Daphne Award for Romantic Suspense and won the Kathryn Hayes award in 2019. All her novels can be read as standalone, although she tends to write about siblings because family dynamics are so intriguing.


Taking readers on a journey of their own with her books is part of the plot. Bon voyage!

She loves hearing from readers, follow her on Facebook, or Twitter.

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