Sunny Shelly’s Review: Decidedly With Luck, by Stina Lindenblatt



Release Date: January 28



Masquerade ball rule #1: what happens at the ball doesn’t always stay at the ball.




A chance encounter with a masked stranger at a charity ball led to an incredible kiss and a night of hot sex. The kiss was my goal for that night, a baby step forward after my husband’s death a year ago. The hot sex? Not so much.


You know what else hadn’t been my goal? 


To be knocked up by a man whose identity is a mystery to me. 


So now I’m preparing for my impending motherhood and planning a fundraiser to provide books for foster kids. 


The latter is where hot hockey player Logan Mathews comes in…




The last time I saw Kiera Ashdown was the night of the Jingle Balls masquerade ball. She’d wanted her first time with a man after her husband’s death to be with a stranger. 


After my NHL team trades me to San Francisco, where my daughter and ex-wife live, I’m determined to be a better father and not repeat past mistakes. My hockey career and my daughter come first. 


The last thing I expect to discover is that Kiera is my seven-year-old daughter’s teacher. The last thing I expect to learn is that she’s pregnant with my dead best friend’s child. 


And the last thing I want to admit is that I was the one who made love to Kiera—several times—the night of the ball.


Because if she ever found out that I’d lied to her, I could lose her friendship. I could lose so much more…


Decidedly with Luck is a standalone romance. All the books in the series can be read in any order.
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Okay, so widow Keira decides at a masquerade ball to have a one-night stand as the first step in getting over her late husband. And she has no clue that her masked stranger is actually said dead husband’s best friend from college, ‘cuz they were both wearing masks, she hadn’t seen him in years, and his grandmother calls him by his middle name. When she finds out she’s pregnant three months later, Keira also finds out that her dead husband’s best friend’s daughter is one of her students. And Keira and Landon start a friends with benefits fling, even though they have liked each other since college, but neither ‘fesses up.

Okay… I was skeptical about how this would play out, but it worked. I really enjoyed this story. I loved how Logan and Keira reconnected and rebuilt their friendship, how he was there for her as a support system during her pregnancy, and how they dealt with both her late husbands and his friendly relationship with his ex-wife. I hated that Keira lied to her in-laws about the paternity, but it all worked out in the end. I thought these characters had great chemistry, and the details of the story were different than other accidental baby books I’ve read in the past.

This is the first book I’ve read by Stina Lindenblatt, and I definitely will be keeping an eye out for more books from her! Decidedly With Luck is part of her Decidedly With series, but is a true standalone. There are appearances by other couples who are friends with Logan and Keira, and those storylines are referenced enough for context without taking away from the H/h here.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.
Meet Stina Lindenblatt



Born in Brighton England, USA Today bestselling author Stina Lindenblatt has lived in a number of countries, including England, the US, Finland, and Canada. 


This would explain her mixed up accent. 


She has a kinesiology degree and a MSc in sports biological sciences. 


In addition to writing fiction, she loves photography, and currently lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband and three kids. 



Connect with Stina Lindenblatt
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