Sunny Shelly’s Review: Once Upon A Kiss, by Carina Rose

Once Upon a Kiss by Carina Rose

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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When Lacey Winters escapes her stressful New York City life for a relaxing winter vacation in the Caribbean, she’s ready to get some sun and enjoy a little time to herself. But her plans for peace and tranquility are shattered when she finds that her ex-boyfriend is already at the same resort – and with the same woman Lacey found him cheating with. 
Reeling from the shock and determined to prove she’s moved on, Lacey impulsively kisses a handsome stranger she spotted on the beach and does it in front of her ex.
As for the stranger in question, Drew Mitchell was just looking for a fun getaway from his busy life in Chicago. He’s surprised, but pleased at this unexpected turn of events and agrees to pose as Lacey’s new boyfriend.
As they explore their tropical surroundings as a couple, Drew finds himself drawn toward Lacey. Now, all he has to do is convince her their romance is real and strong enough to flourish once their vacation is over, while Lacey must decide if she’s ready to take the leap and fall in love.

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Once Upon A Kiss is a sweet, clean, instalove story that will warm your heart. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Lacey decides to go on the tropical vacation they’d had planned anyway. Her heartbreak is magnified when her ex arrives at the same resort with his new girlfriend. Seeing a cute guy across the way, Lacey makes an out-of-character decision to save face in front of her ex… Meanwhile, Drew is on his family’s annual vacation when he spies Lacey across the way. Before he can make a move, she strikes first by approaching him. Good guy Drew plays along with Lacey needing a fake boyfriend, but both of them catch feelings really quickly in this instalove story.

There’s not a lot of drama in Once Upon A Kiss, but a lot of heart and swoon-worthy moments. This was a solid debut romance from Carina Rose, and I look forward to seeing what she writes next! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.




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