Sunny Shelly’s Review: Lost On The Way, by Isabel Jolie

Lost on the Way
Isabel Jolie
Publication date: September 21st 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

They were friends—just friends. Now they’re something else entirely…

Maggie was my best friend’s girl. When he died… I don’t have the words. Indescribable pain.
But we healed. Together. She got me through my illness and became my friend, my confidant, my family. She’s everything to me.
And I ruined it all last night.
One drunken night. That’s all it took. Now I’m lost.
I want her with everything I am, everything I have, but she can’t be mine. She deserves someone with better odds than the doctors gave me.
Now, if I can’t figure out how to go back to the way things were, I’ll lose the most important relationship I have. The only one that truly matters.

Last night was the best—and worst—night of my life.
He’s made it clear, more than once, that he only wants a friendship.
Then last night happened.
And now he knows how I feel.
He’s my best friend. I love him —mind, body, and soul. We have a visceral connection others can’t understand.
The problem? He’ll always see me as his best friend’s girlfriend, no matter how many years pass.
I can’t lose him. If he wants to stay in the friend zone, I’ll need to somehow accept that and move on. I know it’s true.
But convincing my heart…well, that’s another story entirely.

One night of excess tequila changes everything for two codependent best friends. Will they lose all they had, or can they find their way to something even better?

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3.5 Stars

I have such mixed feelings about Lost On The Way. On the one hand, I loved that Jason and Maggie were both so dedicated to each other. But their friendship is completely co-dependent and at times quite toxic to Maggie’s mental health.

I get where Jason is coming from: Maggie already lost one boyfriend to cancer, and he loves her too much to make her go through that again should he become sick again. His survivor’s guilt over the deaths of both his parents and Maggie’s ex, Adam, overshadowed everything that Jason does. But he totally played games with her when it came to them being just friends or more than that, and it drove me crazy. I was so happy when Maggie finally grew a backbone and told Jason that she needed space, but I wish that had happened sooner. Her absence in his life really made Jason realize what he had and work on his issues and get to a healthy place. But then it was all a rush in reconciliation and boom! They are together. I would have liked that all to have happened sooner, so we maybe got to see more of Jason and Maggie as a couple rather than friends with benefits.

Lost On The Way is a standalone within the West Side series of interconnected books. This was the first book I’ve read by Isabel Jolie, and the characters in the other books seem to be the friends of Jason and Maggie.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. It was well-written and handles Adam and Jason’s cancer respectfully and delicately. And the romance itself had some really nice moments between Maggie and Jason, but I just wanted MORE from them as an official couple and how they dealt with the change in their relationship and his issues stemming from his survivor’s guilt. I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.


Author Bio:

Isabel Jolie, or Izzy to her friends, is an Amazon bestselling indie author with an unquenchable thirst for a good, sexy love story. Izzy’s heart pumps faster for stories with strong heroines, down-to-earth realism, and an unexpected twist.

When she’s not writing or reading, she can often be found with a glass of wine in hand relaxing with her husband, daughters, and good friends lakeside.

Izzy fills her Instagram feed with funnies, inspirational “brain candy”, and anything that meshes with her mood of the day. #mood.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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