Sunny Shelly’s Review: Stones Unturned, by Taylor Danae Colbert

Release Date: September 29
“We choose family, always.”

As the only child of Georgia’s leading tech mogul, that motto has been our way of life for as long as I can remember.

I’ve been groomed and primed to take over his role since I was fifteen. 
Ever the dutiful daughter, I’ve done everything to stick to the plan, even if the plan was never what I actually wanted.
But people lie. Stories change. Entire family histories are rewritten.
When tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome Derrick Thomas shows up with a photograph that shatters my world, I find myself following him 700 miles north to Meade Lake—the one place that might help me find answers.
Drowning in lies, I cling to Derrick’s every word, desperate for the truth. And somewhere along the way, I end up clinging to him, too.
Suddenly, I feel a change in the wind, a crack in all those concrete plans that were laid for me ever so carefully.
“We choose family, always.” 
But after I find out what they’ve done, I realize that family isn’t always flesh and blood. Sometimes, family can be strangers. Sometimes, strangers can be family.
I just have to choose which one I want to call mine.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Taylor Danae Colbert is a relatively new-to-me author — I’d only read Back To Shore (Meade Lake #1) before, and I was so glad that I followed up with Stones Unturned, the next in the series. Her writing is absolutely enchanting, and she creates a magical world with these characters. It isn’t all happy-go-lucky; these characters go through some major things in this story, but it is all beautifully crafted.

Kaylee doesn’t know Derrick all that well, but agrees to go to Meade Lake with him anyway. But she has no idea how her world will shatter once she gets there. Years of secrets and lies unravel, and everything Kaylee thought she knew about her life and parents turns out to be a big lie. As she questions everything that she thought she knew, Derrick is right there by her side, offering Kaylee a support she never knew she needed.

There is a wonderful connection between these characters, and a slow burn to their romance that had me cheering them on and waiting for them to get together. I love this little lakeside town and the people I’ve met, and can’t wait to see what else comes in this series!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Taylor Danae Colbert
Taylor has been writing since the tender age of seven, when her mother bought her her first typewriter. 
Once she finished her first work, a tall tale about a girl with hair that grew too fast, her father told her she should be published. And so, her lifelong dream of becoming a published writer was born. 
Taylor never thought of herself as a romance writer, but it turns out, she loves love. 
When she’s not chasing her kids, watching Impractical Jokers with her husband, running, or playing around with her two pups, she’s probably under her favorite blanket, either writing a book, or reading one. 
Taylor lives in Maryland, where she was born and raised. 
Connect with Taylor Danae Colbert
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