Sunny Shelly’s Review: Love At First Fight, by Carrie Aarons

LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT is now live! You have to grab Carrie Aarons’ steamy, hate-to-love romance about a broody alpha who falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. After pretending to hate her to mask his feelings, it’s going to be pure torture spending the entire summer rooming right next door in their Hamptons’ rental … especially now that she’s single 😉

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This summer was supposed to be spent lounging on the beach, madly in love with my boyfriend.

Until he decided to move to Singapore, and break up with me an hour before his plane left.

Now I’m stuck in a Hamptons house share with six of his closest pals, including his best friend … who despises me.

Since the moment Smith Redfield laid eyes on me, he’s hated my guts. I’m serious, I think the raven-haired restaurateur gets physically sick just being in my presence. And he’s never been shy about hiding that fact.

There was the time he cackled when I landed face first in a pile of Manhattan trash bags. Or the night I tried to throw my ex-boyfriend a surprise party, and Smith had strippers crash the bash. Or maybe it was New Year’s Eve, when he got in my face and called me a sheltered goody two-shoes who wouldn’t know passion if it smacked me in the lips.

He’s rooming right next door for the summer months, and I don’t think more animosity could exist than in the hallway of our vacation rental. As if I wasn’t already sporting a bruised ego and broken heart from the way his best friend left me.

But the more midnight run-ins we have, the more I can’t help but think about the way his mouth would feel against mine. With each heavy-eyed glance over the dinner table, I’m starting to wonder if the damaged alpha male doesn’t harbor more than just loathing towards me.

After all, they say hate is the closest emotion to love.

And with the way we’re skating that thin line, it’s bound to burn this whole house down.

Read Love at First Fight now! mybook.to/LoveatFirstFight

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

I love an enemies-to-lovers book when the guy hates the girl because he’s secretly in love with her. I don’t know why, but I love that vulnerability in a hero, and knowing that he doesn’t really hate her, but he’s just trying to protect himself. That’s what we get in Smith, the hero in Love At First Fight. In this dual POV story, we get both Smith’s inner conflict as he finds himself sharing a Hamptons beach house with Molly, the girl he’s been in love with since he first layed eyes on her, and Molly’s turmoil in being post-breakup, sharing a beach house with her ex’s friends, including one who can’t stand the sight of her.

Smith’s explanation of the moment he first saw Molly made me all melty. But she was his best friend’s girlfriend, and he refused to break Bro Code, so he made her his enemy instead. Over the course of the summer, there are some really sweet moments between Smith and Molly as the tension builds between the two of them. And that first kiss in the hallway? Holy smokes!

I love that Molly doesn’t jump into a relationship with Smith right away. She takes her time to reconcile that the guy who has treated her like crap for the past year has been doing so because he’s liked her. Kindergarteners on the playground? Sure. But Smith puts in the effort to prove himself to Molly and is a pretty darn good boyfriend.

There is a moment when her ex comes back that leads to The Conflict between them, and it drove me crazy that Smith and Molly were sharing a beach house yet it took them like 2 weeks to talk about what had happened. But in the end, this was a beautiful, enjoyable enemies-to-lovers romance. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Carrie Aarons!!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review. 

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