Sunny Shelly’s Review: Rules For Dating Your Ex, by Piper Rayne

Release Date: September 1

If your ex arrives in your hometown eighteen months after you walked out on him while you were eight months pregnant, follow this short list of rules before you give him a second chance.  
Rule #1 – Don’t stand in the way of your brothers who want to rough him up.
Rule #2 – Don’t meet him for coffee and agree to allow him to meet your daughter.
Rule #3 – Don’t drool when your daughter falls asleep on his chest for the first time. It’s just your ovaries talking.
Rule #4 – Don’t let him hold your hand. While we’re at it, no hugs, no kisses on the cheek… just no physical contact in general. That only leads to remembering better times.
The last one is the most important…
Rule #5 – When you find yourself needing someone’s help and you’re tired of always asking your family, don’t let him be the one who’s there for you. 
Because all those good qualities of his will suck you right back in and you’ll have no chance of fighting your feelings, especially now that he’s ready to be a father to your daughter.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

I have been waiting for Sedona and Jamison’s book and it did not disappoint! After the epilogue in Best Friend’s Girl, I couldn’t wait to see how Dating Your Ex would unfold!

We knew a bit about Sedona’s struggles as a single mom from the last book, and we knew that she and Jamison were high school sweethearts thanks to some of the early books in the series. What went wrong? So, so much. Jamison really has the cards stacked against him when he makes his way to Alaska and tries to win back Sedona’s heart. It’s not easy, and he struggles quite a bit as a recovering alcoholic. And Sedona is hesitant to get personally involved again, even if she wants to do right by their daughter. But this story is so sweet, such a lovely second chance romance, complete with all the crazy antics that you would expect from the Bailey bunch.

Jamison really puts in the work to prove to Sedona and the whole Bailey clan that he has changed. And I really loved that when things get prickly with Sedona’s siblings, Jamison stands up for himself and says that the only people he cares about making things up to are Sedona and Palmer.

And we finally know who is behind Buzz Wheel! And of course that is who it was! I am a bit sad to see the Bailey series come to a close, but I can’t wait to see what G’ma Dori and her pal Ethel get themselves into when it comes to fixing up all of Ethel’s single grandkids!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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