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In his kiss_ebook cover

“This was a mistake.”

With four little words, he sunk my entire world. Jordan should have been my first… he was already my everything. My best friend, my secret crush.

We were closer than siblings. Our family’s weaved together an intricate pattern of lines never meant to be crossed.

Until that night…

We had a bit too much to drink and the heated way he stared at me made me feel that we could finally be something more. Things got a little out of hand and once the kissing started I didn’t want it to stop. The time felt right and I gathered courage and told him how I felt.

If only I knew how awkward things would be the next morning.


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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

May 11 RELEASE DAY In His Kiss Ava Alise TEASER


Will a one night stand change everything for best friends Jordan and Xia in the best of ways — or damage their relationship forever?

I really enjoyed Jordan and Xia’s story. It developed nicely, and the ex-girlfriend drama didn’t overwhelm the blossoming romance. The family drama with Xia was intriguing and I kept wondering what was going on with her mom and dad. I thought Ava Elise handled mom Della’s depression nicely, and her hospitalization played well against the complex feelings Jordan had about his mom’s death. But it leads to an understanding between Jordan and his dad, and an acceptance on his part about his mom’s passing. I don’t think Jordan would have handled the relationship bump with Xia at the end as well had he not had that personal growth.

My biggest complaint is that the story ended so abruptly. I didn’t get the closure in the epilogue that I was hoping for, and that clearly serves as the tease for Kingston’s book.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.




May 4 RELEASE DAY In His Kiss Ava Alise TEASER

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“I’ll sleep down here. You take the bed.”

My body is warm and tingling. A sensation that only alcohol can produce. I feel great but this is the longest staircase in existence. We make it to the top and nearly stumble into his room.

“What?” I ask, drawing out the end of the word. “What do you think will happen?” He’s just about to open the closet door but turns when he hears me. His face is flushed, his eyes hazy, and he’s swaying a bit, but he regards me without speaking right away so I continue my teasing. “You think I’m going to bite?”

“No, but I might.”


“Alcohol,” he mumbles, shaking his head.

What did he just say? A heat rolls down my body and I know I should let it go. We’re both drunk and he’s probably just talking but my curiosity and a bit of liquid courage push me forward.

“What did you say?” I step in front of him and grab his arms, not missing how hard his muscles feel under my touch. His head is tilted downward, eyes fixed on where I’m touching him.

Slowly, he brings his gaze to mine, his breathing becoming rhythmic and deep as his eyes darken. A look I’ve never seen from him before. It makes my pulse race.

I exhale and his eyes drop to my parted lips, causing me to look at his. My God. Is he about to kiss me? Please be about to kiss me.

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Ava Alise writes contemporary romances filled with DIRTY words, SWEET happily-ever-afters and a bunch of FUN. Her girls are sweet and snarky and her guys are sexy alphas who fall hard and fight harder. She is married to the love of her life and has two children. She enjoys a good laugh and will talk to just about anybody.

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