Sunny Shelly’s Review: Childish Dreams, by Malorie Verdant

Release Date: April 2
It was just a singing competition, aired to thousands of people live on television. 
It was just a choice. 
One between the boy who has always supported her and the teen rock star who was paid to judge her.
It was just a fantasy world. 
Filled with moments of fear, euphoria and jealousy. 
It was a childish dream. 
One that she was willing to fight for.
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Have you ever had a childish dream about being a famous singer? Billie Bishop did. (Love her name!) When she auditions for an American Idol-type show called Superstar, Billie is thrust into a world this small-town girl is totally unfamiliar with. And the last person she expected to be holding her hand through it all is one of the show’s judges, hot singer Jax.

I really liked the friendship that unfolds between Jax and Billie. Their romance is hot and sweet, and he is totally supportive in a way that I didn’t expect from a “celebrity judge” as Billie goes through the madness of being thrust into the spotlight.

There’s a bit of a triangle with Billie’s childhood best friend, Zach — well moreso that he has feelings for her that aren’t exactly returned — and some drama with her mom that I really thought added to the depth of Billie’s character.

I loved everything about this story. It was a perfect escape! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Meet Malorie Verdant
I first started reading romance when I was twelve. 


My mother handed me her copy of Nora Robert’s Midnight Bayou and with resignation said, “Here you’ll love it, just skip the sex scenes or at least tell me you did.”


She knew I was young and she hoped I didn’t understand the diverse innuendos, but she also saw early on that I was a hopeless romantic and had a joy and thirst for romance novels that not even she and her protective motherly instincts could stop.


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