Sunny Shelly’s Review: Beautifully Scarred, by H.P. Davenport


Beautifully Scarred by H.P. Davenport is LIVE! Don’t miss this emotional read which tells a story of two people destined to be more!



With her past firmly behind her where it belongs, Juliette has made a career out of turning her scars into art. She uses her skills to help others cover the evidence of their pain, too.


But some scars are too deep, too painful for anyone to hide completely.


Juliette has everything she could ever need–great parents, her dream job, the best friend a girl could ask for, and a new body to warm her bed whenever she wants. With her focus firmly on the here and now, she never expects a kiss from a stranger to throw a bomb in the middle of her carefully constructed life.


Every wound leaves a scar.


Every scar tells a story.


Her story left her beautifully scarred.


Cover Designed by: Shower of Schmidt Designs


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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars


Oh my goodness, this book is fantastic. I’m not even going to tag it with all of my shelves that it should be on, because you need to go into this book blind. It’s not easy to read β€” but the ending is so, so wonderful, and the connection between Mills and Lee is amazing, and the kind of thing that makes you believe in fate and some kind of greater power.

Mills had a horrific childhood, suffered extreme abuse at the hands of her foster family, and 20 years later still remains guarded and has a wall of armor up around herself. She was adopted by great people, and she found her calling as a tattoo artist. She’s also found great joy in donating her services to people who want to cover up their scars with body art, helping them turn something shameful into something to wear with pride. In her personal life, Mills doesn’t do repeats, doesn’t do relationships. But that all gets blown apart after one kiss with a stranger she meets at a bar.
There’s an instant connection between Mills and Lee, and they both feel it deep down in their bones. Why they feel that connection — well, I was in tears by that point of the book. Mills is a tough nut to crack, but Lee doesn’t give up and their relationship ends up healing the internal scars and wounds that they are both carrying. Mills is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for. She is a warrior, a survivor, and Lee is the soldier fighting along side of her in more ways than she ever imagined.

Read this book. Don’t read too much into the reviews. Just read this book. You won’t be sorry.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.



To celebrate BEAUTIFULLY SCARRED being LIVE, H.P. Davenport is giving away a signed paperback Beautifully Scarred and a KINDLE FIRE to one lucky winner. Head on over to her Facebook page and to Instagram for a chance at winning. Just tag a reading friend who loves a good romance book with all the feels.


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Paralegal by day, romance genius by night! When she’s not tending to her furry children and her handsome husband, H.P. DAVENPORT is seamlessly carving beautiful stories from her mind in her comfy PJs in New Jersey.


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