Sunny Shelly’s Review: Finally Yours, by Claire Raye


Title: Finally Yours

Series: Love & Wine #1

Author: Claire Raye
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 10, 2019


What do Tim Tams and Jack Wilson have in common? Other than
both being Australian…nothing! One is an amazingly delicious chocolate-covered
cookie, and the other is a total nightmare.
At least that’s how Lauren Somerville feels when Jack and
the cookies walk back into her life fourteen years later.
As much as Lauren isn’t thrilled to see him, Jack is ready
to prove that Tim Tams aren’t the only good thing to come from the Land Down
He may have been an arrogant kid when they met, but time has
been good to him, because now he has the looks to back it up.
But Lauren has the upper hand. As the owner of the world
famous Somerville Winery & Vineyard, he works for her now.
And you know what they say about sour grapes…
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3 Stars

Meh. This was the first book I’ve read by this author, and it was just okay. It’s billed as an enemies to lovers romance, but I didn’t get why Lauren hated Jack so much. They were kids who had crushes on the other, akin to hair pulling and poking. He had no control over leaving her family vineyard; that was his dad’s decision. She had no reason to hate him the way she did for all those years.

I felt like the reunion was kind of forced, and they were both keeping details about past relationships from the other. Again, why? I didn’t see the reason behind it.

The story itself was enjoyable, but I just kept wishing the execution was better. I will likely give book #2 in this series a chance, though. I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Author Bio
Not only is Claire Raye a really sweet pen name, it’s actually
a pen name for two sarcastic best friends who met through their mutual love of
reading. After bonding over books (and wine and cheese), they decided to take
the plunge and see if they could write a book together and ta dah… The
Rockport Beach Novels
 were born! In addition to their shared love of
food and dropping an occasional (read: a lot) of f bombs, the writing duo that
is Claire Raye like to write about strong sassy females who aren’t afraid to
say what’s on their mind and the overprotective men who fall in love with them.
While Claire Raye’s resting bitch face might be strong, she always makes sure
her alpha males are stranger!
Writing The Rockport Beach Novels has been so much fun, even
if Book 2 needed a shared vacation, a stolen bottle of champagne and far too
much vodka and POG to get it back on track! Both halves of Claire Raye are
married and both of her husbands have a cheeky side that gets plenty of airtime
in her books. From their smart mouths to their witty one-liners, there’s plenty
of material to use for all those alpha males she loves to write about.
While Claire Raye isn’t sure she’ll ever reveal who she
really is – there’s just something about your co-workers knowing you write
erotic love scenes that makes having a pen name that much easier – she’s
definitely going to keep on writing. Plans are already underway for the next
series, which is sure to feature plenty of sass, steam and humor. And of
course, a happily-ever-after!
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