Sunny Shelly’s Review: Nothing But A Dare, by Molly O’Hare


Nothing But a Dare by Molly O’Hare is LIVE! One click today!!


Nothing But a Dare is a second chance, enemies to lovers rom-com with a curvy, will punch you in the throat heroine, and a hero that will push every button she has for fun. Oh, and did I mention there’s a cat that wears turtleneck sweaters?

After what could possibly be the world’s worst morning, the last thing Abbie expected to see as she walked into her meeting was her childhood nemesis.

Hunter. Freaking. James.

The title of world’s worst morning now seemed like an understatement.

When Abbie walked into the conference room looking like a complete mess, and still killed her presentation, Hunter knew he’d made the right decision signing on with WCM Advertising. He was there for one reason, and one reason only. Abbie was going to be his, even if he had to dare her every step of the way.


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Price $2.99 for the first two weeks, $3.99 after

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

Hunter and Abbie spent their entire childhoods daring one another to do things. Gross things, silly things… and eventually when they were 16, to kiss. But Hunter broke her heart when his friends caught them smooching and he said it was all a joke. A week later, he broke her heart even more when he moved away and said goodbye, and that he hated her and she wasn’t lovable.

For Abbie, who was abandoned as a kid by her dad, that cut right into all of her insecurities. And she never forgot that moment. So years later, when she’s about to pitch a huge marketing campaign, she is shocked to see Hunter in the room. And even more shocked that they will be working together on the project.

When a business trip traps them together in Florida, Hunter has the perfect opportunity to tell Abbie how he’s really felt all these years. But did he do too much damage to their relationship? Will Abbie be able to believe that he actually wants her and it’s not some kind of twisted dare?
This story was the first I’ve read by this author, and it was enjoyable. It’s a slow burn, and I was dying to get to Hunter’s revelation. Because if he’s been in love with her all these years, why did he wait so long to come find her? I wish his reasoning had a bigger impact on me — that’s what made the difference IMO from this being a good book to a great book. But Nothing But A Dare is a sweet, sexy best friends/enemies-to-lovers romance. Abby REALLY does not like Hunter when he reappears in her life, and her anger issues were quite amusing. I was glad to see that she kind of kept her edge, even after they get to their HEA.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.


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