Sunny Shelly’s Review: I Never Planned On You, by Stefanie Jenkins







Title: I Never Planned on You
Series: I Never #1


Author: Stefanie Jenkins


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 22, 2019








Dani had her entire life planned out by the time she was thirteen. She was going to marry the boy who stole her heart – her brother’s best friend – have a great life, and live happily ever after. Then tragedy struck and Dani had to bury those childhood dreams in a pine box along with the love of her young life.



The memory of what she lost haunted her until she disappeared into the night, leaving behind everyone, and everything she’d ever known.



Years later, she returns home to find everything has changed. When she meets Kyler, there is something about him that gets past the walls around her heart. Will she let fear control her, or will she let go of the past and learn to love again?






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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

What a beautiful story of love, loss, getting lost, finding yourself and opening your heart again!

Danielle loses the love of her life in a tragic accident when they are teenagers. Unable to handle the heartbreak, she just takes off and disappears from her family’s lives for almost 4 years. But Emmett’s death wasn’t just a loss for Dani. He was her brother’s best friend, her best friend’s brother, and the son of her parents’ best friend. These two families are so interconnected that they lose Dani, in a way, the same day Emmett died.

Four years later, Dani decides its time to come home and moves in with her brother, Zach. She immediately catches the eye of his new best friend/roommate, Kyler. There is a sloooow burn between Dani and Kyler as they are obviously attracted to one another, but she’s still mourning. Kyler wants to be the one to make her smile again, and she feels guilty for betraying Emmett’s memory.

This book is wonderfully written. I can’t believe it’s a debut, I was so impressed. The relationships between all the characters are rich and layered. Everyone is hurting — Dani, Zach, Haylee, their parents. And it’s talked about and dealt with.

Kyler has the patience of a Saint. He’s so kind and gentle with Dani, just being a support to her in the beginning and then letting her set the pace as they begin dating. All he wants to do is put a smile back on her face, be the one to piece her back together. They are so good together, and I cried hard when Kyler goes to visit Emmett’s grave.

I love the subplot of Zach and Haylee falling in love as they help one another mourn, and can’t wAit to read their book next!!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Author Bio


Stefanie Jenkins writes contemporary romance and lives in Surf City, North Carolina with her husband and two sons. Born and raised in Maryland, Stefanie brings her favorite parts of her hometown to life in her books. She is a coffee addict, wine connoisseur, hockey fan & lover of all romances – give her all the swoon & angst.





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