Sunny Shelly’s Review: Simply Irresistible, by Jennifer L. Allen

Title: Simply Irresistible
Author: Jennifer L. Allen


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Melanie: I can’t even believe I didn’t make eye contact with the guy on the elevator. I’d seen him before in my office building and he was totally awesome to look at. From what I could tell by the way his suit clung to him, he had a hot bod, too. Another missed opportunity! I’m so lame. Next time, I’ll see if he wants to do lunch. I wonder if he listens to 80s music when he works out, because he has got to work out.
Tyler: Dude, that chick in the elevator was mad fine. My sister may think I’m not capable of keeping a relationship going, but she bugg’n. I’m gonna show the girl with the big green eyes that I’m all that and a bag of chips. Next time I see her, I’m gonna hit her up for sure. I wonder how she feels about watching 90s TV reruns on Friday nights? TGIF!
Melanie and Tyler may be decades apart, but working for the same publishing company brings the irresistible pair together. The ambitious duo is filled with dreams that don’t include being executive assistants for the rest of their lives. Somewhere between the laughter and arguing over which decade brought the better entertainment and fads, they fall in love.
Tension mounts as the pressure and excitement of new opportunities increases and their dreams get closer to becoming a reality … but what happens when one of their dreams doesn’t come true?

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Sweet Stars

The only other book I’ve previously read by Jennifer L. Allen was Say Something — it was dark, intense, emotional and gritty. On the flip side, Simply Irresistible is simply sweet, funny, lighthearted. Melanie and Tyler are all kinds of flirty fun, and I loved all the ’80s and ’90s references sprinkled throughout this book. They start off with a genuine friendship and build their relationship from there. They are a great support for one another throughout the story, and even though they hit a few road blocks, Tyler and Melanie find a HEA that is just as sweet as the title of this book.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.







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