Sunny Shelly Reviews Virginal Headlines, by Candace Knoebel


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Twenty-three-year-old Primrose Amberly just landed the job of her dreams—with Virago, a leading women’s romance blog. All the knowledge she had about sex, she’d learned by reading their articles. And anyone who knew her would laugh if they found out what her first assignment was. Even she did…before curling into a sopping mess on the floor.
She had one month to turn a player into a stayer. To make New York’s swooniest playboy fall in love with her enough to retire his pick-up lines. With a rap sheet of broken hearts a mile long, Grayson Pierce and his panty melting smile have been featured on the covers of countless magazines. He was also direct competition, an employee of Virago’s rival blog.
A story on the illustrious bachelor was a prize piece. A headline that would shake the social media masses and ignite her name in the blogosphere. But there was one tiny problem—Primrose was a virgin. Had barely even been kissed. Forget thirty days. She couldn’t nail this story in thirty years, especially if she wanted to keep her virtue intact. Could she?
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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 5 Stars

Virginal Headlines was an absolute delight to read. Between my lunch break at work and reading before bed, I devoured this book in a single day.

A chance encounter with New York City’s renowned playboy gives fledgling journalist Prim an inside edge in scoring the blogger position she’s desperate for. All she has to do is turn player Greyson into a stayer in 30 days, write an article about her how-to, and the permanent position is hers. Except the more she gets to know Greyson…. we all know how this tale goes…. the more she realizes that she really, really likes him. And the guilt sets in.

Greyson has a reputation of his own making, but the poor guy is kind of damaged. He’s been used by friends and lovers, and keeps himself rather guarded with Prim at first. But there is something so easy about conversing with her, that he soon finds himself wanting to open up more and more for the first time in as long as he can remember. He feels full again. Like he can laugh and smile again. But will Prim’s betrayal ruin any chance that the couple has at true happiness?

I loved these characters. Even though Prim had a bet of sorts in place with her co-workers when it came to dating Greyson, their connection jumped off the page, and their relationship was easy and didn’t seem forced. The “perfect date” that Greyson puts together for Prim is absolutely swoon-worthy! The guy was like the perfect boyfriend. I really enjoyed that the script was flipped, so to speak, in this story where the heroine is the one with the bet in place, and it’s not the hero who destroys the innocent, trusting woman. Greyson is totally the injured party here, and that made me love him even more.

The secondary cast of characters are crazy and intriguing, and left me wanting more from them, without taking away from Prim and Greyson. I really hope that the epilogue is the set-up for Fin and Poppy’s story, because I need to know what happened there! I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Welcome, ladies. I was thrilled to learn you were willing to sit with me for an interview… especially considering how busy you all are with your blog Virago. And of course, your love life. Why don’t we start off with you telling us a little about yourselves.

Poppy: *leans forward* Well, obviously I’ll start us off. My name’s Poppy, and I’m a blogger here at Virago. I like long walks down the vodka aisle and men that aren’t afraid of a woman that doesn’t want to commit. *puts her arm around Prim sitting next to her* This is Prim—my best friend and the star of Virginal Headlines. *points to Brinley* On the end is Brinley, our lead editor who is obsessed with a mysterious poet and painfully shy.

Brinley: *shifts uncomfortably*

Poppy: And on the other side of me is our boss Quinn. Feminazi. Man-Hater. An overall—

Quinn: *clears throat* Thanks for that… enticing introduction, Poppy. *looks to interviewer* You’ll have to excuse her. Poppy’s somewhat rambunctious. Often times loud and without a filter. Oh, and—

Poppy: Made of stardust and rainbows. *she winks*

Prim: *giggling* Poppy’s the star of the next book in our series—Deadline To Date—where she’ll—

Quinn: *places hand over Prim’s mouth* Don’t give it all away. Haven’t I taught you anything in the few months you’ve been with our blog? We’re here to promote your story *looks to interviewer* which releases on April 25th. *looks back at Prim* Stop it with that innocent, thoughtful heart of yours. Poppy doesn’t need any more air blown up her ass or her head will explode.

Poppy: *snorts* This coming from the woman who ends up being the star of The Hate Report. A telling of a scorned woman forced to work with an old flame.

Quinn: *turns red*

Poppy: What? Did I give away too much… Quinn?

Quinn: *glares at Poppy and then turns to Brinley* Brinley, why don’t you tell the interviewer about yourself in your own words. Anything to keep this one quiet. Lord knows she loves the sound of her own voice. *hitches a thumb in Poppy’s direction*

Brinley: *eyes wide as everyone turns attention to her* Well, I… I guess I’m just… I’m me.

Prim: *places hand over Brinley’s* She’s sweet, beautiful, and quietly clever. She also has a nose for talent and a beautiful voice.

Brinley: *eyes widen further*

Prim: I hear you sometimes singing to yourself behind the walls of your cubicle. You shouldn’t be afraid of your talent. Embrace yourself. Be proud.

Brinley: I umm… well, I guess you’ll find out more about me when Quote To My Heart releases. I’m the last to go in the series.

Poppy: Because you have horrible luck in the dating department. How many blind dates have you been on in the last month?

Brinley: *squirms* Seven.

Prim: *glares the shut up eyes at Poppy* She just hasn’t met her one yet. That’s all.

Quinn: Working at Virago, it’s hard to find that ‘one’.


Which leads me to my next question—Virago… what does it stand for?

Poppy: *snorts* That’s a loaded question.

Quinn: I think I’ll take this one. Virago’s a word I fell in love with while in college. Historically, it was a title a woman could earn if they were exceptionally heroic, moral, and strong. If they became equal to the ideals of a man. Ideals that women have always carried, but have never been attributed. That’s what our blog stands for. We write about women, by women, for women. We tackle headlines on every front be it political or the typical celebrity gossip. A one-stop shop for the everyday woman.

Poppy: We’re the counterpart to Stud—the leading men’s blog—where Prim’s new beau Grayson Pierce works. *Poppy eyes turn impish* And which is owned by he who shan’t be named. A blog that is a continuous thorn in our sides throughout the series.

Interviewer: He who shan’t be named?

Prim: Harrison Cunningham. He owns Stud and well… he used to…

Quinn: Oh, for heaven’s sake. Just say it—he and I used to be a thing back in college. But all of that will be tackled in The Hate Report. Lord, grant me enough whiskey to get through the release of that book. All my secrets aired like dirty laundry.

Poppy: *rubs hands together* Bring it on.


So, Love Between The Headlines… I’m sensing this a theme. Throughout these four stories, are we to learn of what goes on behind the scenes in the blogging world?

Prim: In a nutshell, yes. Love is hard to find in the business we’re in. We’re constantly having to choose between love and our careers while trying to find a healthy balance for both. Being a journalist… a blogger… it isn’t always easy. Especially when the subject is about someone you care about.

Poppy: *leans back* Don’t include me in that. I have a healthy balance. It’s called: No Strings Attached.

Quinn: Yes. And we see how well you’ve done with that logic. Especially considering your reaction whenever Finley comes around.

Interviewer: Finley?

Prim: He’s Grayson’s best friend and, well, a complication in Poppy’s love life.

Poppy: *scowls* More like a pit stain.

Brinley: Honestly, I think she’s in love with him.

Poppy: *glares down Brinley*

Brinley: *curls into herself*

Poppy: I’m not in love with him. I don’t even know what love is. But he, however, is in love with me. He made that very clear. Well, until he… *looks away, sad*

Quinn: Next question.


Well, I can most definitely sense some tension when the word love is brought up. To wrap this up, can you tell the readers what they’re getting into? Are these standalones? Will we see all of you in every book? Are there any HEAs? Steam? Cliffhangers?

Quinn: Wow with the firing off there, paparazzi. You know some of those cleverly inserted questions we can’t answer. We can’t give away the endings. Telling you if there’s an HEA or not is like reading the last page before starting the book.

Prim: But, to give you some insight, there are definite HEAs. And, no, there are no cliffhangers.

Poppy: But there is plenty of steam. I’d brag that you’d find it all in my story, but I’m feeling generous today. The steam alert is strong within this group of females. We know what we want, and we take it. And the men… *licks lips*

Prim: *fans herself*

Brinley: You’ll see each of us throughout the series. Some of our story will carry on through everyone’s book. They can each be read as a standalone, but it’s best to read in order.

Poppy: Yeah. How else will you keep consecutive order of every one of Brinley’s failed dates?

Prim: *puts arm around Brinley’s shoulder* Even the clouds have to give way to the sun at some point. You’re not a lost cause. Poppy’s just jealous that you have the emotional capability to put yourself out there.

Poppy: *snorts*

Quinn: And with that, I’ll say I think that about wraps it us for us, ladies. There’s still work to be done. Those posts aren’t going to write themselves. And, Prim, I need you in my office after this.

Poppy: Ooooh. Someone’s in trouble.

Quinn: *shoots a look to Poppy* I wasn’t finished. I need to see you after her. Brinley, try to keep the crying to a minimum today.


Okay then, well, thank you again for taking this time with me. I can’t wait to get my hands on your stories. I’m sure my readers will feel the same.

Quinn: April 25th. Virginal Headlines. Steamy. Angsty. Funny. Be sure to grab your copy and find your inner Virago.

Prim: Thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview. And, if you do pick up Virginal Headlines, I want to thank you for that as well. Without you, my story would remain letters pressed within pages, never given the chance to breathe life.

Poppy: I’m just going to part by saying—you’re welcome for the shit show you just witnessed. Read our books to see more. And if you really want a good laugh, keep your eyes peeled for the release announcement of Deadline To Date coming this summer featuring none other than moi. Check out the author behind our stories’ Facebook page for more information.

Quinn: Or sign up to her newsletter. You’re more likely to see her announcements in your inbox than relying on Facebook nowadays.

Brinley: *gets up and leaves before anyone asks her anything else*


About Candace Knoebel

Candace Knoebel is a hopeless romantic with an affinity for whiskey and good music. Her love of words began when she met the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs. She’s a self-proclaimed Lost Girl. Words are her mirror.

With two completed series, her work ranges from paranormal to contemporary, all centered heavily around romance. Currently she lives in Florida with her husband and two children, and has just completed her thirteenth novel, The Taste of Her Words.

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