Blog Tour: Forever In Starlight, by Susan MacNicol

Forever in Starlight
Susan Mac Nicol
(Starlight, #3)
Publication date: August 29th 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Bennett and Cassie are at it again, this time looking the ultimate challenge in the eye and deciding, after everything they’ve been through, why not?


Some people are meant to be together, even if they find each other through tragedy. When Bennett Saville’s brother jumped off a bridge and landed on Cassandra Wallace’s car, their lives become intertwined in a way they never wanted to unravel. But so much has happened, and most of it would have been soul destroying if they hadn’t had each other. And now, after all these years, they are ready to take the final step to declare their love, but Bennett’s star is rising fast, and being a famous actor with a hit movie might undo all the trust they have built their love on.


Cassie isn’t the jealous, insecure type, but things have changed, and so has Bennett. Coming into his prime as a man and as a highly regarded actor, Cassie, ten years older than her lover, begins to worry that their foundation is shaky, and that she can’t compete with the jiggly twenty year-olds who throw themselves in Bennett’s path. What she can’t see is herself through Bennett’s eyes. If she could, she would know always and forever is all he ever wanted with his Cass.

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Cassie stood at the check-in counter at the airline’s VIP lounge with a heavy heart as she watched Bennett convince the staff into allowing him a bigger baggage allowance. The older woman seated behind the desk couldn’t withstand his charm, and with a coy smile she waved his suitcase through.

He came over to Cassie, well pleased, his cabin bag slung over his shoulder. “Told you they’d let me go over.”

She grinned at him. “Who can resist you?” She turned and gestured to the doors, where photographers waited.

Bennett sighed. “I’m already cutting it fine. I need to get to the departure gate. It’s a fair bit away. Walk with me?”

He strode off with her hand in his, having turned a couple of times and waved at the photographers, who weren’t allowed past security. Cassie struggled to keep up with him. The gate was far away and by the time they got there she was a little out of breath, having had to double step to match his long stride.

He grinned as he looked at her flushed face. “Sorry about that. If I miss this plane, John will kill me. He’s got a whole raft of stuff planned for when I get there, and to be honest, it looks like I’ll have no time at all to spare for the first week.”

Bennett looked over at the gate where the sign flashed that his flight was ready to board. He pulled her close as he hugged her tightly.

I’ll miss you, you know that, don’t you?” His mouth found hers and she clung on to him as she kissed him back.

She nodded. “I’ll miss you too. Make sure you call me when you get there, at least when you can.”

He gave her one last hug and stood back. She already felt bereft.

He smiled at her. “I love you. Look after yourself. Try not to give the Metropolitan Police any more excuses to put you on their leaderboard.”

She laughed. “I love you too.”

Bennett nodded, smiled, and approached the desk to present his passport and boarding pass. The man behind the desk waved him through and he looked back one last lingering time at her before he disappeared.

Cassie stood there for a minute not wanting to admit that he’d gone. The marathon sex session they’d had last night would have to sustain her—and more importantly him—until his return.

She sighed heavily and made her way back to the exit to drive home.

Author Bio:

The ‘Official’ stuff

Susan writes steamy, sexy and fun contemporary stories, some suspenseful, some gritty and dark and others that hopefully make you think. She’s also Editor in Chief at Divine Magazine, an online LGBTQ e-zine, and a Charity Board trustee at The Being Me Campaign in London.

Susan attained PAN status with the Romance Writers of America with her first M/M book, Stripped Bare. She’s currently a member of The Society of Authors in the UK, and the Authors Guild in the US. She enjoys being a member of Queer Romance Ink, All Author, Book + Main Bites, and the Paranormal Romance Guild.

The ‘Unofficial’ stuff

She loves going to the theatre, live music concerts (especially if it’s her man crush Adam Lambert) walks in the countryside, a good G &T, lazing away afternoons reading a good book, and watching re-runs of Silent Witness.

Her chequered past includes being mistaken for a prostitute in the city of Johannesburg, being chased by a rhino on a dusty Kenyan road, getting kicked out of a youth club for being a ‘bad influence’ (she encourages free thinking), and having an aunt who was engaged to Cliff Richard.

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