Sunny Shelly’s Review: Divine Hart, by Heather Shere


Title: Divine Hart
Author: Heather Shere
Genre: New Adult/Second Chance Romance
Release Date: October 19, 2018
Being a poor kid in a rich town was tough. When you’re a
skater boy from a dusty trailer park, they see you as nothing more than a
desert rat. Despite this, Preston Hart knew what he wanted…she was his world.
But could he ever be the man she deserved? He didn’t believe he was worthy.
That was his weakness and weaknesses could be exploited. When he was offered
the chance to make something of his life, he knew the cost might be too high.
But faced with losing everything he held dear, he took the helping hand;
however, everything comes at price and Preston paid dearly. 
Being a rich girl in a rich town should have been easy. But
when you’re the daughter of an influential businessman who traded your silver
spoon for his belt buckle, money couldn’t buy happiness, it could only buy the
makeup to hide the bruises. Despite this, Skye Divine had found her solace…he
was her world. But he abandoned her when she needed him most and without him,
she faced a choice: run for her life or stay in the desert and die.
She’d made it this far on her own and while her life might
be falling apart, she’d rather be homeless and starving than go back home. But
when her luck finally runs out, she may be left with no option. 
Then two worlds unexpectedly collide and this time? The
tables have turned. 


Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3.5 Stars

This is the first story I’ve read by Heather Shere, and it was kind of intense, deals with the subject matter of child abuse, but is definitely an interesting read.

Skye Divine is Preston Hart’s whole world. But when the trailer park kid is backed into a corner with no other options, he makes a deal with the devil in order to secure a better future for himself and Skye, who has grown up in the lap of luxury. Or so he thought. Flash forward 5 years, and Skye is homeless, living on the street, and Preston has spent every day since he returned from Russia looking for his lost love. A chance encounter puts them back in each other’s lives, and now that their roles are reversed and he can take care of Skye the way that he’d always wanted to, Preston can’t believe that he has her back.

Well, it’s really not quite that simple. Because there are a bunch of secrets that these two were keeping from one another, and they have a mess to work through before they get to their HEA. I wished that they would have been completely honest with one another from the start, though. It takes them so long to get to discussing what happened 5 years ago, and I was itching for that conversation to be over so I could see how they adapted to their new reality. But I didn’t feel that happened as fully as I would have liked to have seen. Th

Overall, I really liked these characters, and the pacing of the story flowed nicely. Preston and Skye went through hell and back while they were apart, which made their reunion all the sweeter. The climax to the story is predictable, but where else would you go with a manipulative father like the one they were fighting against? If you are looking for an overcoming obstacles romance and don’t mind the potential triggers that come with the character of Skye, then Divine Hart and its HEA is definitely worth checking out!

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Author Bio

Heather Shere is a wife of twenty some odd years and wants you to know that you get less for murder. She’s also the mother of two adult shaped kids, who she thinks she messed up just enough to make them highly successful individuals, who are also hilarious.

She has a masters degree in snark and nothing entertains her more than someone who can word battle with her. She considers herself an awesome cook and an expert baker but wants to eat out most days, however nothing is made ‘the right way’ unless she makes it herself.

When she gets bored she likes to tinker with different hobbies like crocheting, scrapbooking, stamping and card making. Her newest and most fulfilling passion is writing and she welcomes you into the deep dark depths of her mind.


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