Sunny Shelly’s Review: Whisper Me And Roar, by Bri Stone


Title: Whisper Me and Roar
Author: Bri Stone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 16, 2018




Melinda Charles was the woman I’d always wanted—the woman I finally got.
And the one I lost.
She walked away from me on our wedding day without an explanation.
I told myself I didn’t need her. She might have broken part of me when she left, but I’ve put myself back together, chased away her memory with my own fame and success. Today? I’m Pete Buchanan, NFL star and small-town hero.
Now that she’s back? Maybe the promise of a second chance could prove stronger than the pain of losing her.
I’ve always been tough. As the youngest attending Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Memorial Hermann, and the only female African American specialist in that role, I’ve always had more to prove than everyone else. I’ve always had to have a reserve of strength no one else needed.
But when fate brings me back to the only man I’ve ever loved, fifteen years after I left him at the altar, I’m not strong enough to leave him again.
I still love him.
But am I strong enough to convince him to take me back?

Sunny Shelly’s Review: 4 Stars

The title of this book was lost on me; I couldn’t make a connection between the title and the story, which is one of my quirks. But it’s a solid second-chance romance as it tells the story of Miranda and Pete in dual POV, going back and forth between when they met in college and then randomly run into one another 15 years after she left him at the altar.

The reconnection between them is nice. They clearly both still love one another, and they move past the hurt of years ago rather quickly.

Not only do Pete and Miranda get their HEA, but the epilogue is set several years in the future, and they both have everything that they’d wished for.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

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Author Bio


Bri Stone is happy to be a contemporary romance fiction
writer; creating anyone and anything in the romantic world of sins and secrets,
lies, and scandal. If she isn’t writing, she is probably reading, binge
watching anything on Netflix, or imaging crazy scenarios in her head that will
probably never happen. When she is not spending time with her imaginary book
friends, she is buried in her English classes at the University of Iowa, and a
happy English major.


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