Blog Tour: Sunny Shelly Reviews The Fear Of Falling, by Amanda Cowen

The Fear of Falling
Amanda Cowen
Publication date: October 8th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

When Ella Jones’ twenty-first birthday ends with a bang – literally – she never imagined it would be with her best friend since freshman year, Ryan Owen.

A year later, after their so called “mistake”, they’re still best friends and about to rock their Senior year at the University of San Francisco. But when Ryan returns from spending a summer in Australia and brings back a friend, Liam George, who takes an immediate liking to Ella, Ryan starts to question the Aussie’s intentions with his best friend. The trouble is, Ryan has a girlfriend of his own, and Ella and Ryan swore they would never cross that line again – until they do.

They try not to let their second slip up affect their friendship, but when Spring Break forces them to vacation under the same roof; and Ryan’s ex walks back into his life, Ella is shocked by a fierce stab of possessiveness. And when Ella continues to see Liam, Ryan finds himself plagued by unfamiliar jealousy. With their friendship strained for the first time, Ella and Ryan face an alarming truth: Maybe they can’t be just friends. Maybe they are falling faster than expected. And maybe, deep down, they want to.

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Sunny Shelly’s Review: 3.5 Stars

This book started off strong — the best friends trope is one of my favorites. I liked how both Ryan and Ella struggled with their feelings in the aftermath of them sleeping together the night of her birthday. But somewhere in the middle, it sort of went off the rails for me. I was getting annoyed with Ella and felt like she was jerking Ryan around a bit. At least Ryan was more honest with his feelings afterwards, dropping hints that he wouldn’t mind crossing that line from best friends to something more. Ella could have saved them both a world of heartache had she just been honest with herself and Ryan earlier. I would have much rather seen them adapt to being a couple after being such close friends.

The crux of the story then becomes how once you’ve crossed the line to something more, can you really go back to being just friends?

But overall, The Fear Of Falling was an entertaining read. Aside from the will-they-or-won’t-they cross the line to coupledom, we also see how both Ella and Ryan struggle with their career paths, and that gave another dimension to the characters that readers don’t always get to see in YA romances. They characters had good chemistry, and I liked the bigger group of friends as well.

I received an advanced copy and voluntarily left a review.

Author Bio:

Amanda Cowen can be found eating cupcakes, singing off-key, or watching a good RomCom when she isn’t trapped on her computer writing stories. She is an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fanatic, a hater of roller-coasters and a country music junkie. She lives in Thunder Bay, ON where the summers are short and the winters are long.

Amanda would love to hear from her readers. Become a fan on Facebook, follow her on Instagram @authoramandacowen, or follow her on Goodreads.

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